Saturday, August 16, 2014

It Stands Alone

Alone in a farmers field it  remains
like awaiting arrival of youngsters.
A common tire from a truck, length of rope
from the barn, strewn over a big tree limb.

When passing it by in my car one day, it brought a
memory of good times. Just
a tire, a rope and a limb of a tree.

Me, a girl of eight, he a boy of seven,
laughing as one of us sat in that ring,
while the other was  pushing and laughing.

It wasn't as comfortable as a wooden seat,
but we didn't care as we though it just neat,
thinking  that Dad used what he had,
 just to give us a summer retreat.

Now it sits in the field alone,
the youngster of seven and eight much older,
No time now for that makeshift swing,
made from that old tire, tried to a rope, then tied to that tree

Passing it now, how lonely that scene,
still remembering the fun we had,
 that girl of eight and that boy of seven,
makes the memory grow even stronger.

by Diane Yates

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Boat

Okay, it is only a 16 ft. pontoon boat, brand new I must add and it is fun, relaxing and informative
I know now what waters, lakes, rivers are flowing in our state of Tennessee.  I also know which of them are not as clean as others.  See, informative.

This is our boat.  The Lady! Isn't
he sweet to name a BOAT after me?
We have had the Lady Di sitting right there for a couple of weeks waiting for the rain to cease. It finally did last week for one day, a Friday.  We packed our lunch, got our dog, trailered the boat and went to the nearest lake or part of the Tennessee River about a 20 minute drive from home. I feared it would be crowded with boats and fishermen being the beginning of the week-end but I was wrong and it was easy and nice and as I said before informative.  What I also found out was there are a lot of wealthy mountain people living on lakes around here and here is just one that simply amazed me as we puttered by.
Now, if anyone is checking my blog and owns this house please contact me I want to be your friend. :)
Yes, this is just one house.
I am now going to show you how much fun we had, all three of us!

So, if any of my blog friends feel the need for some fresh, cool air and lovely sunny day on our boat, please contact us. 
 I look forward to our third adventure on a different part of the Tennessee River.
Remember the add for Geico that goes "You put the boat in the water, you take it out of the water:you put it in the water and take it out of the water, it makes me nervous" but it does not make me nervous.                                                                                 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Time On My Hands

So lucky to be retired and have time to do just about anything creative.
My friend in a Florida and I were taking a vacation together, with husbands, as seen in the previous blog from this.  She always manages to find some new, neat craft to try and this is it:

This craft is called Kimekomi, a Japanese craft.  Here is the book.

They are fabric covered smooth foam balls which can be embellished to your hearts content or just as pictured here.  These are three I have done so far.  They are easy and fun to do.  Keeps my mind and hands working.  Make for a conversation piece in your home or a give away to make someone smile.
Doesn't natter, I just find it fun to do!  Thanks Ramona.

Closer view

So, watch out friends and family I am on my sixth one now.  :)

Friday, April 11, 2014

A Town called Ellijay!

Just got back from a four day retreat (our own retreat of 4) to North Georgia, a little town called Ellijay.  Four of us, two from Florida and us ums from Tennessee,  rented a cottage on a river there which was dog friendly,  so our Katie went too.
This town has a lot of antique stores, consignment shops and thrift stores.  One consignment store had a small deli restaurant in the back which I might say has the best Reuben Sandwich I have ever had.

I did take photos of buildings that had artwork or a painted quilt on it of course.  The weather was cool in the morning, warm in the after noon until the sun went down and we were inside by the time it cooled of at night. 

We managed to go to a couple of winery places and buy some homemade wine. We even tasted some. $8.00 for five shots of wine and you take the glass home with you, who could resist that. Yes, we had a designated driver.

  We also went to a well maintained farm that had fresh meats, pickled preserves and farm animals for us to pet.  If we really had to pet, they were there.  Here are some pictures of a few of them.  Well, the goats would not turn around!

 The Amish store in town was filled with great food stuff to take home with us.
Ever have a Zagnut?  Delicious treat.  Pickled Eggs?  Yum

Down at the farm in Ellijay.

It was a very busy four days and a lot to see.  Here are a couple of photos of the town with
painted art work on them.

 I love to see artwork expressed on buildings and walls using a different source.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Taking a Walk!

First really nice warmish day for a walk.  I do not walk enough, to my children's dismay, but today was a perfect 70's day not to last too long, so I better take advantage.

My husband, myself and our dog Katie took a walk on a Greenway in our town that is 17 miles long. No, never be able to do that but managed to just walk around and see what Spring might have in store for us this year.

I am sharing some of the walk with you by taking photos of the budding trees and some flowers along with really nice opportunity to shoot photos of walkway.  Enjoy!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

I'm Not A Poet and I Know it but........

For some reason my brain is clicking into another part of my creativity.  If that is what you want to call it.  Writings!
Some may not call it poetry, or prose, but not schooled in writing I like to give it a try once in awhile.  So here are two I wrote awhile back, re-reading them and tweaking some of it.

Lake of Gold

The morning sunrise is mirrored in the lake
like liquid gold
All nature awakens as if on cue.
Large and small birds start their morning ritual
as they skim the golden water,
they land so gently, not wanting to disturb
what is beneath them.

Trees with the morning sun peeking through their green
leafy branches lift up as if to touch the suns' glow.
Dew that was left that evening
begins to disappear from view.

The golden water begins to spread, making wider patches
of its hue on the lake
The sun rises even higher now in the blue sky as a new day begins.

Welcome Morning!


Fog, rolling in like it knows where to go.
Over long stretches of fields, up and down  valleys,
through busy streets and fields of clover.

Mostly early morning before the sun sets for the day.
No one sees it arrive, no one knows where it goes.
Fog, it is seen,as a ghostly apparition.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Just an Opinion! A Thought! A Care!

This is a sad entry on my blog.  Only so because I really love animals.  Dogs primarily because I have always had one as a pet, not just a dog but a PET.

I wonder sometimes how cruel people can be towards their animals.  You read lot in Tennessee about starving horses or cruel things done to them to make them into Tennessee Walkers.  I see where cats or kittens are saturated  with paint because some kid thought it would be fun.  I cant do a thing about that except I do donate regularly to ASPCA and Humane Society.  The humane society does do something when aware of these terrible things but unless notified of mistreatment I doubt if they will just go out an look and maybe talk with their owners.

However, on my way to town from my home I pass these two dogs. I feed them hamburger left over or chicken  and of course treats as I drive by.  This is a picture of both the dogs.  Don't know their names or even if they have names. I call them both Buddy.

To me, and this is my opinion, if you have a dog that you need to protect your property, fence the place in but don't tie up the dog also.  If you consider a dog or cat a PET, then they should become a family member, again my opinion. Take them in your home.

During cold, snowy, rainy days I have seen these two dogs outside tied up.  Now I did notice a leanto for one dog (still tied up) and a makeshift box for the other (still tied up).  I have not noticed water bowls or food bowls for either but they do look fairly fit.

I will continue to toss treats etc. to them.  I guess I am just sentimental towards Gods creatures that most of us have.  I hope I have not offended any blogger by mentioning my view point on animals if you tie up your dog (PET).  I understand about dogs and cats on farms, cats are mousers and dogs protect from wandering coyotes etc.  Just hard to understand these two houses or owners as I pass by. Then I look at their habitat.
Bucket must be to catch rainwater!

When I come home, open the door and there is my Katie greeting me with excitement I pick her up and say "I am changing your name to LUCKY DOG"