Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Just Some Neat Photos

I guess sharing is my middle name because I do like you to see what is going on around Tennessee, where my husband Dave and I and KatieDog live. But you know that already if you get my blogs. The days have recently been very gray and dismal I am sorry to say. That is Winter, and I do love Winter. However, on this particular day the sky was so blue and the sun shinning so bright my husband took advantage of the day by going outside to soak up some of the warmer (ha!) weather. He gets cabin fever, ya know! This is a picture from our yard and it really was amazing to see all these streaming lines of airplanes going East to West, possible South to North. It was a day after a holiday (Martin Luther King) so maybe people were taking advantage of a long weekend by flying and now on Tuesday morn the sky was full of them going back home. Another photo which deserves an award for Valentines Day, Best in Veggie photo is this one. Now, a bag of Idaho potatoes is one thing but to find this one big one in the bag was just amazing, especially since a holiday is almost upon us. Yes, we peeled it, and ate it.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Journaling - Reflecting

I would think that a lot of you have kept journals from when you were probably eight years old, you still have them, you still journal and you probably have many of them. I started my journaling at a confused part of my life and that was back in 1970s. I worked, had five kids .  Still, Iwrote in journals.  Mostly when I was sad, angry, depressed, confused.   Then  about 10 years passed of writing, I decided those  journals  I would burn. . I did not want to leave them for someone else to pick up after I was gone to read because they were really very personal journals. But then things seem to get  better in the 80's. I once again started to write in journals.

Just the other day, after Christmas, my husband and I were having our afternoon glass of wine and I remembered those journals I had put away in a box in the basement.   It was a dreary kind of day not much to do so I asked my husband if he would get that box of journals for  me to read .  He did, and I began to read from them to him. I read things that we both laughed at, some made me cry, some made me skip a page.

We traveled a lot in an RV full-timing it, which I really loved.   After 3 yrs. of it or more, I realized I needed a home base. So these journals began with our trips from 2000 untiluntil 2006, when we settle down in a new home in Tennessee. My favorite place to live. The journals that I read to him  have my impressions about people that I've met. My family!  Some were critical of people, and  as the years went by those same people I wrote about completely change my feelings about them.  As I read it to my husband, he said "you changed your mind over the years havent you?maybe you should burn that book too". I decided I  would just rip out those pages that may be hurtful to whoever reads my journals after I am gone.  For my observations about them were wrong.

I read out loud to him about our travels to see if he remembered how much fun we had and some of the other RV people that we met from all over the north,  east, south and some parts of the Northwest. He  would love to go full timing again but that's not for me I love my home.  Some  might say home is where the heart is, it  doesn't matter where you reside be it a building, a house, or an an RV.  Been there, done that so making a house a home is for me!

I started a new journal in  2006. Didn't write every single day.  I am really using my iPad and dictating then printing it and putting it in my journal. I guess I got a little lazy with the handwriting and I do love to write by hand but it's so much quicker to do it this way. Still writing feelings mostly.

So my point is, do you ever look at your journals past. Have you changed your mind about things that you said in your journal? Did you write in it when you were sad or just happy?  Did you write about your travels?  I only wish I started journals when I ws a teenager or younger.  How interesting it would be to see how I lived during the years between 1945 and 2014, how I felt. .  I just remember glimpses of how it was back then .  Journaling gives you kind of a time capsule.

Monday, December 1, 2014

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like...........

  Started to or rather just completed my d├ęcor for the holidays and would like to share them with you who will not see them in person.  Some photos are of the front and back of my house and then a tour of the inside.  All self explanatory.

And then there is the most uninterested one, Katie, who I found snuggled on my bed.  Can you find her?

Friday, November 7, 2014

Leaves of Autumn

A beautiful Fall day with a walk to my favorite place all seasons, in Maryville, Tennessee is the 18 Mile Greenway.  I don't do the 18 miles, in fact the most maybe a couple of miles.  But hopefully I will gain enough stamina to do more.   I usually take photos but this day I was just walking my dog instead and started to pick up a leaf or two that looked interesting enough to take home and do a watercolor of.

I can figure out what the name of some of the trees are for these leaves, but not all.  Do you know?

 Before flattening them overnight, they still had some color left in them, then  the next day the color was diminished. Not as pretty.  I am sure the leaves of Fall in Vermont are more colorful as they are in Pennsylvania and moving on down to us in Tennessee.  These are just on one walk through a GreenWay.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Tomorrow is Halloween and I went past this home nearby where last year I showed you all the front yard of the house for his Christmas decorations. 
I thought this was so cute that he did this year for Halloween that I needed to share it with family and friends who check out my blog ONCE IN AWHILE.

So for those who celebrate enjoy! For those who like creativeness, enjoy! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Roads Less Traveled

Just a beautiful Fall day in Tennessee.  Time to take a ride and explore.  I have lived in this area about 9 yrs. this time, and 9 yrs.again  back in the 1990's.  We still find roads less traveled.

I have this love of old barns.  In a few years they may be but a stubble on the ground.  Let me share a few relatively close by, that I hadn't seen before.
.  Some are barns that are still used and others homes abandoned. Let me share!

Monday, October 13, 2014


There is a woman I met on the internet that is such a wonderful artist and always gives out tutorials and ideas and an "at a girl" to artwork you do.  So, on Fridays she puts in her blog, ideas for you to try to sketch.  This past Friday were sketches of your dog.  So I sent to her the sketches I just did hap hazardly while sitting on my deck and catching my Boston Terrier Katie trying to get comfortable in the sun.  Sketching for me is the easy part, it is producing a painting that is hard for me. 

So here I present my sketch of Katie on the back deck of our home. Everyone should do a journal with sketches in it.  It gives you such pleasure to look back and remember that day I sketched my Katie Dog, its a journal.