Monday, October 13, 2014


There is a woman I met on the internet that is such a wonderful artist and always gives out tutorials and ideas and an "at a girl" to artwork you do.  So, on Fridays she puts in her blog, ideas for you to try to sketch.  This past Friday were sketches of your dog.  So I sent to her the sketches I just did hap hazardly while sitting on my deck and catching my Boston Terrier Katie trying to get comfortable in the sun.  Sketching for me is the easy part, it is producing a painting that is hard for me. 

So here I present my sketch of Katie on the back deck of our home. Everyone should do a journal with sketches in it.  It gives you such pleasure to look back and remember that day I sketched my Katie Dog, its a journal.

Friday, September 12, 2014

I think too much, I think!

My back deck is my favorite place in my home in all kinds of weather.  We have a patio cover of it so it protects from some weather.  However, I have sat with coffee cup in hand being sprayed upon while sitting there by light rain.  In the winter, rarely am I there as snow can always find a way to creep under that patio.  But today I was watching the sky and this poem ran across my mind and I wanted to share it with friends, family knowing I am not a poet,  just a thinker. Can't think of a title for this, care to help?

I hear the sound of thunder in the distance.
I fear a storm approaching

Clouds' appearing in different shades of gray, light, dark, some with an
outline of blue.

Just between two gray clouds, a whiteness opens up between them.
The sun is hiding behind them, trying to push its way through.

Clouds are moving now from West to East.
A cool breeze blows over me gently as I sit and watch the sky.
This breeze feels as if autumn is trying to arrive, some trees
are shedding their leaves.,

It does not last for long, the thunder no longer heard in the distance.
Clouds are now changing shape and closing in on that speck of sun.

Wonder if it will rain, the sky still darkened by these clouds 
They closed out the bit of sun but move slowing toward the East, while
training whiter clouds behind as if to follow to another place.

No more thunder sounds, nor darkened sky of gray.  The sun appears
as if it has won, as the sky is blue again, the clouds now a pristine

It is my favorite place to sit and think about the wonders
around us all, this deck of ours.

Friday, September 5, 2014

In Rememberance

Today, after hearing of Joan Rivers passing, some interesting thoughts I had.

I didn't know her, but as a comedian, when even then there were times I didn't car much for her humor.  Yet, it saddened me very much.  My thoughts were:  Is it because she looked like 30 yrs. old?  She was really 81. Would I have felt so sad if she looked like 80 yrs old?  Probably not as sad.  Yet, I am still thinking about how sad n her family and those who personally have known her, the real person under all that cosmetic surgery.  Is it because so near her age am I?
If Betty White died tomorrow at her age would that create an everyday sadness for me to get over, No!  Betty living  a full, funny, and a  non-surgical changing look.  Is that why?  Can I possibly live as long as Betty is living?

Then, Robin Williams.  Took me a week to get over that one.  I watched him grow from Mork and Mindy into a fine serious actor along with his comedy over the years. I didn't know him personally, why then did it affect me so?  A tragic passing?

Then Lauren Bacall.  Such a lady and her passing was without fan fare.  I thought about her too, in such a way.  I thought about her and Boggie, mostly their movies together as they were THE Movies in my generation. Didn't know her personally either and she didn't look 30 either.  But I still was so saddened by her passing.

Now who could forget James Gardner.  What a shock also!  All of these wonderful entertainers of my generation gone all within a few weeks, even days of each other.  These I have mentioned are but a few from my generation.  The ones who entertained, made me laugh, made me cry, kept me company when alone.  They are slowly leaving us these good ole actors and actresses. 

Glad to have them back once in awhile appearing on the TV screen in old movies or shows. Leaving a legacy behind they are!  WOW! Miss them!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

It Stands Alone

Alone in a farmers field it  remains
like awaiting arrival of youngsters.
A common tire from a truck, length of rope
from the barn, strewn over a big tree limb.

When passing it by in my car one day, it brought a
memory of good times. Just
a tire, a rope and a limb of a tree.

Me, a girl of eight, he a boy of seven,
laughing as one of us sat in that ring,
while the other was  pushing and laughing.

It wasn't as comfortable as a wooden seat,
but we didn't care as we though it just neat,
thinking  that Dad used what he had,
 just to give us a summer retreat.

Now it sits in the field alone,
the youngster of seven and eight much older,
No time now for that makeshift swing,
made from that old tire, tried to a rope, then tied to that tree

Passing it now, how lonely that scene,
still remembering the fun we had,
 that girl of eight and that boy of seven,
makes the memory grow even stronger.

by Diane Yates

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Boat

Okay, it is only a 16 ft. pontoon boat, brand new I must add and it is fun, relaxing and informative
I know now what waters, lakes, rivers are flowing in our state of Tennessee.  I also know which of them are not as clean as others.  See, informative.

This is our boat.  The Lady! Isn't
he sweet to name a BOAT after me?
We have had the Lady Di sitting right there for a couple of weeks waiting for the rain to cease. It finally did last week for one day, a Friday.  We packed our lunch, got our dog, trailered the boat and went to the nearest lake or part of the Tennessee River about a 20 minute drive from home. I feared it would be crowded with boats and fishermen being the beginning of the week-end but I was wrong and it was easy and nice and as I said before informative.  What I also found out was there are a lot of wealthy mountain people living on lakes around here and here is just one that simply amazed me as we puttered by.
Now, if anyone is checking my blog and owns this house please contact me I want to be your friend. :)
Yes, this is just one house.
I am now going to show you how much fun we had, all three of us!

So, if any of my blog friends feel the need for some fresh, cool air and lovely sunny day on our boat, please contact us. 
 I look forward to our third adventure on a different part of the Tennessee River.
Remember the add for Geico that goes "You put the boat in the water, you take it out of the water:you put it in the water and take it out of the water, it makes me nervous" but it does not make me nervous.                                                                                 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Time On My Hands

So lucky to be retired and have time to do just about anything creative.
My friend in a Florida and I were taking a vacation together, with husbands, as seen in the previous blog from this.  She always manages to find some new, neat craft to try and this is it:

This craft is called Kimekomi, a Japanese craft.  Here is the book.

They are fabric covered smooth foam balls which can be embellished to your hearts content or just as pictured here.  These are three I have done so far.  They are easy and fun to do.  Keeps my mind and hands working.  Make for a conversation piece in your home or a give away to make someone smile.
Doesn't natter, I just find it fun to do!  Thanks Ramona.

Closer view

So, watch out friends and family I am on my sixth one now.  :)

Friday, April 11, 2014

A Town called Ellijay!

Just got back from a four day retreat (our own retreat of 4) to North Georgia, a little town called Ellijay.  Four of us, two from Florida and us ums from Tennessee,  rented a cottage on a river there which was dog friendly,  so our Katie went too.
This town has a lot of antique stores, consignment shops and thrift stores.  One consignment store had a small deli restaurant in the back which I might say has the best Reuben Sandwich I have ever had.

I did take photos of buildings that had artwork or a painted quilt on it of course.  The weather was cool in the morning, warm in the after noon until the sun went down and we were inside by the time it cooled of at night. 

We managed to go to a couple of winery places and buy some homemade wine. We even tasted some. $8.00 for five shots of wine and you take the glass home with you, who could resist that. Yes, we had a designated driver.

  We also went to a well maintained farm that had fresh meats, pickled preserves and farm animals for us to pet.  If we really had to pet, they were there.  Here are some pictures of a few of them.  Well, the goats would not turn around!

 The Amish store in town was filled with great food stuff to take home with us.
Ever have a Zagnut?  Delicious treat.  Pickled Eggs?  Yum

Down at the farm in Ellijay.

It was a very busy four days and a lot to see.  Here are a couple of photos of the town with
painted art work on them.

 I love to see artwork expressed on buildings and walls using a different source.  Enjoy!