Saturday, June 4, 2016

Mother's Day Part 3 The End

Well, I was hoping to get more interesting photos in case you were intrigued in my birds in the nest, now some are birds on the wire.

We have been watching our Robins nest like awaiting the birth of one of my grandchildren.  Yes, I know that is extreme but I do have a good imagination.

We have had an accident with one baby Robin.  It fell and after putting it back in the nest apparently it did not go well and Momma took it away.  So now she had two left and they did very well.

They got their wings.  Still not leaving, as Mom was eager to get them fed, strong, and out flying.
One day this week I noticed only one full grown was left but still Mom came back and fed it but was determined to get it flying like its sibling.  Didn't see the one who flew the cuckoos nest but this one was a little to frightened yet.

Next three days sitting on the edge of nest, flapping wings not ready yet. Then yesterday DH tapped the nest and she/he flew off.  Empty nest now!

However, a serious storm arrived and swept off the other bird nest from a hanging basket and it landed on the bottom deck. One bird was dead but the other two must have flown away as this nest was also empty.  Hopefully that is what happen as they had their feathers and looked ready for them to hit the road, that is not a pun.

Robins Nest Used Up!  So neat too.
But before I end this saga of Mothers, here is a new set of birds in our Cherry Tree.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mother's Day Part 2

We are waiting for our three wrens in the nest on our back porch to get a little bit older but here are photos of our Robin's nest and their two little ones.  One fell out, DH put it back in nest but it must have died as it is no longer there and the Mom thought it best to take it away from the two she had. I bet that was very hard to do for her.

This is the Robin Family.
Here is the Wren Family.

Notice one is taking its time, probably a male.  They now have feathers on but Momma is camera shy so we let her be.

There is something amazing of Mother Nature as now the sun is really getting hot and she still sits on top of them.  My DH put an umbrella over it to keep as much sun out and she found them and back in the nest.  Good Husband.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Tomorrow is Mother'sDay

 I believe I am the only bird watcher (breeder of) wild birds in our small neighborhood.  I bet some call me The Bird Lady. 

Being that tomorrow is Mother's Day which should be everyday I feel, only the retailers really love the weekend.  I do also as I am the proud Mom of five adult children.  "Phew"!

However, to get back to the birds, as we were walking around yard with hubby, we spotted a lot of darting here and there of birds.  Now I know we did put up a lot of bird houses but for some reasons certain birds do not like handmade bird houses of wood, plastic tubing and funny faces with an open mouth.  That must scare them half to death.

We put up a large Lion (fake) head on the deck wall for years.  This time a Robin decided it needed a hat so a hat it got.  Made of nest.  This lion head is not real of course but a favorite of mine as one of my daughters is Leo being an August babe.  So, off it went without any eggs in it yet, I must add.

However, today as we went pass my wreath next to our front door, there was that Robin but this time delivered, so she is now a Mom.Two beautiful blue sky eggs.  Now, it stays there till they emerge and become another generation.  So, I thought I would try to see this brother and sister arrive, get fed and finally fly away.  I try to document  their emergence with photos. Here I have the first of two photos taken three different days, maybe more than three. Looks like room for more.

The nest:   (Empty)
The 2 in  nest:
 Going out on the deck for a morning coffee I spotted a sparrow flitting around one of my hanging lantana baskets.  Much to my surprise, another nest and another mother to celebrate the day, in my Lantana basket.
 Another nest:
So, on this Mother's Day weekend here are two new mothers I know about. I havent checked the other baskets yet.

Here are two Mothers, no longer here to wish a Happy Mothers Day to in person, but will always remember their goodness to me and the love they gave.   My Mother, Hazel and my husband's Mother Thelma.

Have a really good Day all you dear Mothers wherever you are on this earth or beyond.

I share:
 My Mom Hazel born 1901 - 1988
 Hubby's Mom Thelma born 1910 -2006

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My Lap Dog

This is my second Boston Terrier.
The first one was Petie who passed after 16 yrs.
Now I have Katie another Boston Terrier who
will be 8 this year with us.  So to celebrate her
Birthday I tried to create a poem.

More than Just A Lap Dog

She keeps me still, she keeps me quiet as she sits upon my lap
She follows me where ever I go, even my bed when I take a nap.
I know how much she loves me, and it is easy to return it back

She listens to my every word.  I tried to listen to hers, a whimper,
a growl, a bark or a look, she makes me understand.

This love she gives me is comforting I know she understands
for my lap would grow much colder without her
Katie, my comforting pet.


Saturday, April 2, 2016

You Turkey!

Taking a look about our community on a beautiful Spring day, my husband spotted turkeys.  Now, it certainly must be Spring, even though the weather has been somewhat erratic, as these turkeys were gobbling about.  Notice the plumage on that big turkey.  Yes, that is the male.  He is getting ready to find himself a female to mate with, just like the birds are building nests.  It is that time of season.  So, I thought it was just like this turkey to show off and find his female.  I enjoyed these photos so hope you do too.

 Boy, are they in for a surprise come Fall season!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Awakening Site

A surprise this morning upon wakening
Pulled open the drapes
Snow is falling!

Why not?  It is Winter here in Tennesse
Just a surprise that is all
No weather report last night to say

Snowflakes were larger than normal,
Unbelievable that each snowflake can be different.
Falling into the warm street they melt
 Still roof tops and yards getting whiter by the minute

Red Cardinals seeking the feeders
They linger in the trees so bare
Calling to their females to gather
He sees the feeders at last

Snow still falling, landing like a blanket
Pristine and white
as far as  I can see
From my bedroom window its a welcoming sight to me.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Window Watch

                                                              A Picture Window


Very cold today. But I stay inside cuddled up in the chair with a blanket and my dog,  watching the birds outside trying  to keep warm by eating out of all the three feeders I have out there.  

This reminds me of another picture window. Many times Dave and I would go to Maryville from home and drive up 4 11. 

There was a house facing the road, a very neat, nice home . Every  time we went by I would look out at this house towards their large front window. I could see a hospital bed and somebody elderly laying in that bed, not looking out of the window, just quietly laying there.

l would tried to wave, hoping that this person would look my way but never did.  Every time we pass over the period of months maybe a year or two it was the same thing. I was just wishing that someday that man or woman would turn their head see me and waved back. That never happened!
Recently, we drove past that same house. I noticed there is no person laying in the bed looking out the front window just the back end of the couch or sofa appearing now.
That big picture window would overlook a porch which would have potted plants and out further, bushes where I am sure birds would be flitting about. Now the drapes are drawn, the shades are pulled down on that same picture window and on the front porch instead of potted flowers there are different kinds of sitting chairs and kids toys, so different.

A regret I have, that I never took the initiative to walk up to that house, ring the doorbell, and ask if I could come visit whoever that was laying in bed by the front picture window.  Years ago that would've been the thing to do but now people are so frightened of anybody who rang the doorbell or knocked on the door for fear it might be Intrepid and that did cross my mind.
I have heard people on TV or even people I know or meet that say they have their no regrets. I think it would be wonderful if you could leave this earth without any regrets . We all have them whether they be small ones or big ones and I know I probably have some of both. That person in the window, never know to each other, will never know a stranger cared.