Tuesday, July 23, 2019

"I'm Back"

I'm back means to me: 
 I am back living in Florida again.  This is a big move for me as I loved Tennessee.
After spending 35 yrs. in Florida before, living in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains was
not only amazing to see the four seasons change and feel the cool breezes (occassionally) between
the trees, the need to move BACK to Florida was necessary, so my adult children advised, because
they feared we were getting old.   HA! We are!

After 12 yrs. in Tennessee and many request to move South, I gave in.   It was not that I wanted to move, but the three out of five children wanted us to be close enough should we need help.
Yes, my husband has a heart condition and me, I'm just getting old 84 this September having arthritis problems. My Children seem to become the parent while I return with my husband to childhood, knowing what is best for us.
                     My Garden
                    My Birds and the Mountains

  I did feel we had a few years yet to need help from them to do what ever was necessary.  Fear my husband's illness would take him away from me and I would be alone was more of a concern I think. 

Well, we are here now in hot, hot Florida.  Then again it has been hot, hot all over the country.
I am just beginning my 9 month here and I still miss my mountains but I do get to see my children and theirs more often.  As a famous journalist once said or maybe more than once "There is more to the Story".

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