Thursday, March 6, 2014

Just an Opinion! A Thought! A Care!

This is a sad entry on my blog.  Only so because I really love animals.  Dogs primarily because I have always had one as a pet, not just a dog but a PET.

I wonder sometimes how cruel people can be towards their animals.  You read lot in Tennessee about starving horses or cruel things done to them to make them into Tennessee Walkers.  I see where cats or kittens are saturated  with paint because some kid thought it would be fun.  I cant do a thing about that except I do donate regularly to ASPCA and Humane Society.  The humane society does do something when aware of these terrible things but unless notified of mistreatment I doubt if they will just go out an look and maybe talk with their owners.

However, on my way to town from my home I pass these two dogs. I feed them hamburger left over or chicken  and of course treats as I drive by.  This is a picture of both the dogs.  Don't know their names or even if they have names. I call them both Buddy.

To me, and this is my opinion, if you have a dog that you need to protect your property, fence the place in but don't tie up the dog also.  If you consider a dog or cat a PET, then they should become a family member, again my opinion. Take them in your home.

During cold, snowy, rainy days I have seen these two dogs outside tied up.  Now I did notice a leanto for one dog (still tied up) and a makeshift box for the other (still tied up).  I have not noticed water bowls or food bowls for either but they do look fairly fit.

I will continue to toss treats etc. to them.  I guess I am just sentimental towards Gods creatures that most of us have.  I hope I have not offended any blogger by mentioning my view point on animals if you tie up your dog (PET).  I understand about dogs and cats on farms, cats are mousers and dogs protect from wandering coyotes etc.  Just hard to understand these two houses or owners as I pass by. Then I look at their habitat.
Bucket must be to catch rainwater!

When I come home, open the door and there is my Katie greeting me with excitement I pick her up and say "I am changing your name to LUCKY DOG"


  1. I would call the local animal shelter to be sure that they have fresh water and one would ever know! It might give you a little peace. Also, they must have SHADE in the summer and a WARM bed in the winter.

  2. We all know those stories. They are hard to read. I have called the Humane Society several times in my life and they have always been responsive. Yes, I support them and our local Pet Refuge and others.

    On a happy note, great pic of your pooch. I am not the only one that covers her babies when its cold...and they are BIG dogs.
    xx, Carol

  3. What a stupid thing to tie them up when they are inside a fence. Something very wrong with the owners. Yes, I think you should report their condition.

  4. Your sweet Katy is the best.