Monday, February 20, 2012

Photo Challenge Day - 20th

The word is:   Handwriting   (I skipped the 19th so that day will follow this day)
Photo of some pages written in pencil to be transcribed in my journal.

I remember in the fourth grade of Elementary School at Woodrow Wilson in Elizabeth, N.J. when I won as the best hand writer in my class of 30, a Penmanship Award.  I was very proud and loved the "art" of writing. 
It seems today with computers handy and even faster to write with, people forget to send that handwritten note.  I always try to do that as it gives that personal touch to the receiver.
I also do a lot of computer writing too.  It is easier to jot down your thoughts and faster to do it and always have a correction tab or spelling tab. 
I have done many journals by long hand and inserted a couple of typewritten pages when I wanted to get it down on paper fast before I forgot.  Yes, old age does make you forget.!
There are some written letters I have received where I couldn't understand what was written because the handwriting was indiscernible and would have preferred it typed.
I also have a book filled with "writings" that I have done in the past and still do from time to time. It could be my poems, my recollections of childhood, my family, and stories I made up for my grandchildren when they were young. Also I have written from prompts (pictures) of miscellaneous people and places and just storied them.  Much Fun!

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