Monday, August 8, 2011

Great Finds

The last two days I felt like shopping, antique shopping that is. Usually just to look around and see things my Mom had at one time. See a few that she had and didn't keep and now worth some money. There are more and more antique shops and thrifts going up everyday.
I guess I am becoming a quilt collector because my eyes caught these two quilts in two different stores and when I found out the price, I didn't care whether some might say they were made in China or not. They were handmade and machine and the blue one had doilles sewed on by hand.
They said they were twin size but these are shown on king size beds so they looked really nice.
Hope you think so too! Oh! I paid $40 for the maroon and white and the blue wedding ring was $21.00. Did I do good?


  1. Not, good, but very, very well. Are there doilies in the middle of the wedding ring designs, or are the doilies somewhere else on the quilt? Both are beautiful quilts; you are becoming a collector, so you'll have to start researching how to be a "consevator" as well. One thing leads to another, of course.

  2. You did great!! Both are lovely!

  3. The doilies I mentioned in this quilt are sewed in the ( ) part of the blocks.

  4. Great finds. Both have great pattern but I love the blue ring one. And that one was only $21, fantastic!