Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Almost an Hitchcok movie!

This reminded me, as I watched from my deck, starlings or blackbirds on a wire just like
the movie "The Birds". Just before I took this picture there were at least 2 dozen all in a line.
The movie was scarey happening in a small town when birds flocked by the millions onto homes, in attics and fireplaces, landing on all the lines from the telephone polls. They would attack people as they walked the streets. It brought to memory those Mockingbirds we see in videos pecking at peoples heads or diving into a cat or small dog. I still have problems with Mockingbirds, don't care for them as much.
See the movie is you haven't already. A lasting impression, "The Birds"


  1. Diane -- haven't seen a Hitchcock movie in years. Maybe (?) I'll try and watch the Birds -- barbara

  2. "The Birds" is the scariest kind of horror -- Hitchcock took something in our world we mostly like -- birds -- and turned them into a frightening menace, not by distorting them but simply by multiplying them. Too much of a good thing... you know. The movie is a classic because it struck such a strong chord in our imaginations.