Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wow! Does snow ever go away. I have noticed it in a lot on blogs from up north. Well, here in Tennessee, although it has been very windy and parts of the state have had tornadoes, I managed to start working in my garden.

I was trimming a little here and there and noticed up in our Cherry Tree a bird, I think a wren, was really yelling at me as I walked around this bush. It is Spring alright! Here is one photo of a nest with 6 tiny speckled eggs in it. So I assumed it was a wrens nest and I was being told to get out of there by Momma or Dad. Again I don't know which is which. I have about 10 active bird houses around front and back yards. I truly believe they are the same birds each year as they get accustomed to me being around them.

The bluebirds from last year are back in my watering can (looks like a ladybug) as I can see them flying in an out of it on my deck. But every time I try to get a picture the family member manages to fly out of it scaring me half to death.

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