Thursday, August 9, 2018

Mirror, Mirror

A Fairy Tale of sorts.
I believe there are a lot of my “sisters” who are over 70 who could write this slight fantasy also.  However, being in my 80’s I owe it to myself to mention this mirror first.
I needed a hair cut, not styled, just trimmed.  I wait usually two months before making an appointment.  As I walk-in the receptionist remarked “I Remember the face Mam, but not your name-?”  Probably because I do not like being out of my own comfort zone.

Now, to get to the Magic Mirror part.
Got my hair washed, using white hair shampoo.  Then cut,blowing it dry, a little tease  all this done  with my back towards the mirror.
“Well, all done” as she turned the chair for me to approve her work.
I can honestly say I was pleased! I looked good.! Maybe even younger.  It had to be  magic!
. Tell you why!.

When I got home I wanted to take a selfie and send it to my adult children. My new haircut.
My IPhone is ready for me  to take my"selfie" .  Well, it turned out that I looked like an old lady 👵🏼 ... me!  No change, same face. Hair did not do anything different. Very disappointed!

Really,  I believe they spray an age reducer on those mirrors for us oldies.  I say this  because my bathroom mirror never lies either do selfie ‘s. Its the real me.

I think I will go more often to the same Salon to get my hair trimmed, with same hairstylist just to
look in their Magic Mirror.  

Maybe a facial even!

Got a facial after all and same face!



  1. Lovely flowers at the top. After reading hoped for a selfie -- but only a blank mirror. Maybe it isn't the mirror, maybe it's a bit of hypnosis that made the vision lovely -- maybe even hypnosis so you saw what you really wanted to see and that stupid photo and mirror at home simply couldn't handle the truth of how good you really look. It's a thought ...

    1. I think you are right and I thank you for that.
      Love your thoughts!

  2. I'm 67 and never had a wrinkle until I got dentures. If I don't look in the mirror, I see myself as I was in my 30s. I still THINK the way I did then. But then I take a peek and the reflection is how I actually look now. Many wrinkles around my mouth. My lips are thinner, my complexion much paler. My hair is silver and I love it. I cut it myself as I have for probably 30 years. It's wavy and if I keep long layers it remains wash and go. My look matches Terry's. Do you think when we are gone we come back to start over again. I wonder about that. I had a dog once that looked at me like he knew me before. I felt he kept looking at me and asking why I didn't recognize him. The older I get the more I look for the answer to the question...WHY?

    BTW: I never took a selfie that I liked.
    xx, Carol