Friday, December 1, 2017

November 2017 Autumn

It has been awhile since I had something to write about but I will now:

Took a trip to Florida for three weeks to visit my friends,my son, my sister-in-law and my two lovely daughters.  It was a whir-wind with our RV in tow. Finally resting in Lutz Florida to await Thanksgiving Celebration.

 It was a lovely, delicious Thanksgiving at my sweet daughter Valerie's home with a visit for the first time from my new Great-grandson "Tripp". His mother and father from Texas and my son and daughter-in-law Jennifer Rothschild.  Had the luck of my grandson from college there too, Connor.  What a wonderful visit all day on Friday.  I am showing a photo of all of us which includes grandson Matt, grandson Jag, son-in-law Robbie.  Did I miss anyone?  Yes, son and daughter-in-law David and wife Hilda from Louisiana and daughter Cindi from Pensacola.

There were four generations together for first time and I fully enjoyed being the "Queen Mother" as shown in photo also.  I had tears of joy when they arrived and tear of sadness to "Tripp" leave.

Family minus a few not able to join us, but missed.
The next day we started for home in Tennessee.  The traffic was horrendous for those traveling North to South but our South to North was a breeze and watching along the Interstate the trees changing color the nearer we got to our destination.  You see, Autumn and Winter, I love these seasons, with Spring coming in as third.  We were glad to be home! Be it ever so humble.


  1. What a beautiful, smiling family and baby Tripp happy on Grandmother's lap! Much to celebrate Thanksgiving about.

  2. Thanks June! Uh! That’s GREAT grandmother’s lap.😉

  3. You look great! You really should post more. These are nice pictures of a pretty family. Glad you had a safe trip and a "family" Thanksgiving.
    xx, Carol

    Post more!!!

  4. Thanks Carol: Believe it or not but lately I havent had much to say except my RV trip to Florida. I will think of something for sure in 2018.