Friday, August 11, 2017

Hot Summer!

This has been awfully hot for East Tennessee this year but has just started to let up this week but still too hot.
This of course, has led me to stay inside air-conditioning or fans about but even so being cooled I found myself to be lazy and my thinking shut down as far as crafting or writing goes.  However, to try to keep my brain alert I started doing puzzles.  First on my IPhone but then and now with puzzles done at the table.

I started with a 1000 piece puzzles titled The 1980's.  Wow! Never again, it took me forever.
My dear husband tried to help and we finally got it finished with one piece missing.  Get that! 1 ONE piece missing.  I called the manufacturer who said he was sorry and would send another.  I said "Not the same one please, not 1000 pc."  I picked out of their catalogue a 450 piece and it went nicely and took about a week to complete, maybe 10 hrs.  Then another one for 300 pcs, a breeze but not challenging enough so now we are doing a 500 piece old time photo puzzle. This one taking longer even with the help of dear husband.  Being retired and hot outside this gave us something to do other than cleaning the house.   YAY!  We are hooked!

My memories started to flow back also.  I remember my parents having a cardboard table set up and a puzzle on it all the time.  See, I forgot about that until we finished our puzzles.  It must bring alive nostalgic moments.  If only it could help my literary sense.

One exciting thing! I became a Great Grandma to a beautiful (we all say that) baby boy.  His name if Phillip Clayton Rothschild III.  That's because my son is the first, his son the second with same name.
I suggested, at least I think it was me, when they sent me a video to tell me they were preggie I suggested that they think of calling him by TRIPP.   Triple Phillips for the P and Trip for triple.
Aren't I creative?  At least I hope it was my creativeness. If it wasn't my idea I am sorry but I am getting older by the minute as I either said it to them or heard it from them.  I just love this little guy and I hope I am allowed to live to see him at the very least go to first grade.

Now, I haven't blogged in awhile so here it is.  Hopefully the next blog with be about rving in our camper  to some interesting place.  WELCOME FALL!!!  I MEAN AUTUMN .


  1. NEVER say FALL!! Contrats on that precious little beautiful boy. Such a cutie!!

    I was thinking of you the other day...really I WAS. I was thinking about the "invisible" post.

    Terry and I used to work puzzles when we were first married. I worked days and he worked midnights. I'd work at night to keep my mind occupied and he would work it when he came home in the morning to relax before he went to sleep. I still love them and know I'll set up a card table sometime in the future to tackle them again.

    Glad to see your post. Where do you think you might go in the Autumn?
    xx, Carol

  2. Dear little boy with a big name to live up to.
    My father worked puzzles in the winter (being a farmer that's when he had some empty time) and I sometimes aided a bit. Today my puzzle working in crosswords. Summer was hotter there in Tennessee than up here on Cape Cod.

  3. Here in the mountains of Tennessee blazing with Autumn colors.

  4. Hi there, so glad you stopped by and its so good to hear from you!! We are coming out to NC next month, we are looking around to maybe buy something. Hoping for color!