Monday, January 23, 2017

Ending of 2016/Begin 2017

Need to tell you all about my New Year's Eve.  I bet a lot of you had a wonderful time watching New York drop the ball.  Well,  I was in bed.

My granddaughter decided to get married on New Years Eve so her " to be husband", now a husband, would never forget their anniversary.  However, most of my family lived out of D.C. and had to fly in from Florida, Missouri, Louisiana and DH and I drove with our dog Katie from Tennessee and we were all worried about flight changes, snow etc. but it worked out well and we all got there.

We stayed at a lovely hotel and used Uber (first time) for going places except my daughter, mother o the bride, made sure we had things to do.  She hired a trolley to take us to and fro the Victorian house that grand got married in and buses to take over 100 attendees back and forth to their hotels.  Parking and places hard to find and parking areas outrageous to pay for.  Frugal Me!
The wedding was lovely but I had to walk  down the aisle limping in my gown as I am having knee problems. No big deal as they were all waiting for the bride.

 It was not your conventional wedding as her Dad past away a couple years back and she didn't want anyone else to take his place.  No bridesmaid but her dog Harriett all decked out in a wreath of flowers walked in front of her to where the fireplace lit up with candles and her to be husband stood.  Amazing how this dog knew she was to sit next to the bride and just look up at her and the groom the whole time. I think Harriet, the French bulldog, was an amazing idea and behaved so well.

The reception was amazing as it was in the same Victorian house and each room had a different menu.  You could have, vegetarian, Asian, American sliders, and two others I never got to. Then the eating area with tables dressed with candles and flowers filled the largest room in the house.

Dancing and champagne tower I missed as I had enough of the DJ music. Going into a less inhabited room on the first floor where my DH decided to have a glass of wine in a quiet area for awhile.  Then from 6:00 till 10:00 we knew our legs and feet had it so we took one of the bus shuttles back to the hotel. (which was like a new greyhound bus).
Besides our little Katie (dog) was alone in the room and I felt sorry for her.

We were in D.C. with all five of my children (adults) for those days plus a couple before to get makeup and hair done (not my idea), and to help if needed.  New Years Day dear husband and I and Katie left for home.  It was to me a great reunion with my five adult children which all together does not happen that often.

Grandfather(DH), Groom, Bride, Mother and Grandmother (me)


  1. What a lovely post! I like the thought and inspiration your granddaughter had to make her wedding special to them. I don't think I have ever heard of having your dog be part of your wedding party, but it would sure be appropriate in MY family! You look lovely.

  2. Thanks Carol, I forgot to take photos of Harriett, the dog walking down the isle but I bet the photographer did. Will add it to this as it is so cute.