Monday, December 5, 2016

Wanted A Lap Dog.....Got Her!

This is my second Boston Terrier.  First one was Petie who is now in dog heaven
This one is Katie who will be 8 this year.  I wrote about her in this poem as a birthday present
to her, Happy Birthday Katie Dog.
                                                        Katie Dog

 She keeps me still, she keeps me quiet, she sits upon
my lap. 
She follows me where ever I go,
Upon my bed as I take a nap.

I know how much she loves me. and its
easy to give back.
She listens to my every word, as if to understand,
 I am sure she really does, for she is truly,
                                                        this " Woman's best friend." 




  1. Sweet Pooch. I have had a few pet friends but never had a lap dog. Our dogs have always been the 100 pound variety and their heads are the only part that sit in our laps. Well that's not really true because one of our dogs right now is a pit bull/boxer mix and he lays on my husband in the recliner all the time. He loves that dog!! Our other dog is a boxer. I never had another dog that was as big a baby as Tyson. He is not a lap dog, but he would be if he could. He would gladly let you hug him all day long.

    I like your poem and as a dog lover, I'm glad you are too.
    xx, Carol

  2. We have had German Shepard mix,greyhound, yellow lab, cockapoodle, doberman in our 45 years of marriage and now settle on smaller katie just for me. Love to rescue dogs wish I could have 2 more.

  3. How sweet. I have a 60+ lb black lab/pit mix. She is a love. She also likes to get on our laps as well. I also have a lap cat. Nice to meet you.