Saturday, December 3, 2016

Empty Nesters!

December 1st,  We started putting up Christmas decorations around the house outside first.
As I started replacing the wreaths of Fall I had up and noticing the leaves falling from our trees, creating spaces in between,  I could see bird nests. Empty!

I have photos of birds buiding in these nests and of their babies hatching and growing feathers.
I watched as they tried to fly out on their own, mama bird watching.  It gave me thought of what some of us have also watched but not necessarily birds.  Yes, I am a bird person!

Thoughts of Empty Nesters came to my mind.  Isn't that what we are sometimes called. Empty Nesters, children flew the nest.

We make our homes welcoming to our babies.
We watch and nurture them every day.  Like birds in nests, we keep them warm, feed and hopefullly instructed as to how to behave. I saw how the Mama and Papa bird would bring their babies   something to eat, lean on them to keep them warm and when time came instructed them on how to fly.

They do eventually fly out of those nests that once rested on my summer wreaths or in the corner of a roof or in the bow of a tree.  That is what I feel is an Empty Nester.  We as parents become Empty Nesters too.  Our babies become adults, get their wings and start to fly out of the Nest we made for them.  Some come home to roost, some to visit from time to time but still not the same as keeping them close by.

  Those nests around my home are either gone or just waiting for Spring to be occupied once again.  Then once again the birds, some the same ones, will be setting up their home and I'll be watching.
Just as ours, will always find their way to their home.

                                                 Just like my little birds have flown.


  1. Little hungry birds in December is a surprise. The blog explains it, of course. Best of all are YOUR five "little birds" now adult and looking good.

    1. I knew you would catch that. Always enjoy your comments!

  2. Yes, I too am a birder. I am a bluebird landlord and have recently watched them come back to see if their boxes are still intact. Do you think they are the same birds that nested there this past summer? I like to think so.

    As far as Terry and I being an empty nester...we that has only happened a couple of short periods of time. My daughter used to come and go but the last time I told her she can't come back. Two women living in the same house does not work. We raised one of her sons since he was born and he has not left yet (he's 21). I'm not sure if it's better to have him here or to enjoy being an Empty Nester. I call our life The Crazy Train.
    xx, Carol

  3. two woman in same house is a little difficult I agree.