Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Finally! My Season

The weather is starting to change
The colors I always wait for each season have
started to show their beauty.

Some trees have already turned to gold and yellow,
deep red on the top of their branches and some the
entire tree

It seems late this year, this turning
or maybe I am just anxious for hot
weather to leave

I still have the rest of this season to
enjoy, even when snow will appear

A glowing fireplace, cup of hot chocolate
snuggling beneath a soft blanket, my pup on my lap
That is all I need to relish the cold winter days.

Note:  That black spot under the tree is our neighbors
            pet goat.


  1. Our trees seemed to start changing colors a little late...lots have gone straight to the ground with the recent windy days. As I age, I have come to appreciate fall more. But I must admit that as soon as the holidays pass I am in countdown mode to Spring.
    Have a great Halloween!!

  2. Gorgeous tree. Not easy to get such a complete shoot of such big tree. I'm off for a drive today along our prettiest road where trees are every fall color possible. It's a beautiful time of year here too.

  3. Fall certainly is beautiful. And to have the leisure time to enjoy it is wonderful. Retirees like myself and others certainly can take time to enjoy all that nature gives us. Really all ages can partake with mother nature's beauty. -- barbara