Saturday, May 7, 2016

Tomorrow is Mother'sDay

 I believe I am the only bird watcher (breeder of) wild birds in our small neighborhood.  I bet some call me The Bird Lady. 

Being that tomorrow is Mother's Day which should be everyday I feel, only the retailers really love the weekend.  I do also as I am the proud Mom of five adult children.  "Phew"!

However, to get back to the birds, as we were walking around yard with hubby, we spotted a lot of darting here and there of birds.  Now I know we did put up a lot of bird houses but for some reasons certain birds do not like handmade bird houses of wood, plastic tubing and funny faces with an open mouth.  That must scare them half to death.

We put up a large Lion (fake) head on the deck wall for years.  This time a Robin decided it needed a hat so a hat it got.  Made of nest.  This lion head is not real of course but a favorite of mine as one of my daughters is Leo being an August babe.  So, off it went without any eggs in it yet, I must add.

However, today as we went pass my wreath next to our front door, there was that Robin but this time delivered, so she is now a Mom.Two beautiful blue sky eggs.  Now, it stays there till they emerge and become another generation.  So, I thought I would try to see this brother and sister arrive, get fed and finally fly away.  I try to document  their emergence with photos. Here I have the first of two photos taken three different days, maybe more than three. Looks like room for more.

The nest:   (Empty)
The 2 in  nest:
 Going out on the deck for a morning coffee I spotted a sparrow flitting around one of my hanging lantana baskets.  Much to my surprise, another nest and another mother to celebrate the day, in my Lantana basket.
 Another nest:
So, on this Mother's Day weekend here are two new mothers I know about. I havent checked the other baskets yet.

Here are two Mothers, no longer here to wish a Happy Mothers Day to in person, but will always remember their goodness to me and the love they gave.   My Mother, Hazel and my husband's Mother Thelma.

Have a really good Day all you dear Mothers wherever you are on this earth or beyond.

I share:
 My Mom Hazel born 1901 - 1988
 Hubby's Mom Thelma born 1910 -2006


  1. I'm the birder in my neighborhood for sure. Many times I get called out for paying more attention to what is going on at the feeders when I should be listening to a conversation. Don't they know I can do both at the same time!! My biggest bird joy is being landlord to Blue Birds. We just had fledglings come out the other day. I'll be posting a backyard update this week on my blog.

    Those darned Robins just make a nest anywhere. They have absolutely no sense about safety!
    xx, Carol

  2. A nice variation on Mother's Day - your backyard mothers-to-be. How pretty those robins eggs are! And very nice of you to post the photos of mother and mother-in-law. If you do follow up photos of nestlings when they hatch, that would be welcome.

  3. Your mother and mother-in-law both lived long lives. I am sure that the goodness they gave you along with love was really wonderful to experience -- barbara