Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mother's Day Part 2

We are waiting for our three wrens in the nest on our back porch to get a little bit older but here are photos of our Robin's nest and their two little ones.  One fell out, DH put it back in nest but it must have died as it is no longer there and the Mom thought it best to take it away from the two she had. I bet that was very hard to do for her.

This is the Robin Family.
Here is the Wren Family.

Notice one is taking its time, probably a male.  They now have feathers on but Momma is camera shy so we let her be.

There is something amazing of Mother Nature as now the sun is really getting hot and she still sits on top of them.  My DH put an umbrella over it to keep as much sun out and she found them and back in the nest.  Good Husband.


  1. What good pictures! I especially like the two babies. They don't know what a good situation they have with a "god" watching over them.

  2. those ARE excellent pictures. We have a nest under our carport and even though I stuck my phone up there to get a picture, it was just too close. So I put I mirror up to see 2 little eggs. Hope they make it.
    xx, Carol