Saturday, April 2, 2016

You Turkey!

Taking a look about our community on a beautiful Spring day, my husband spotted turkeys.  Now, it certainly must be Spring, even though the weather has been somewhat erratic, as these turkeys were gobbling about.  Notice the plumage on that big turkey.  Yes, that is the male.  He is getting ready to find himself a female to mate with, just like the birds are building nests.  It is that time of season.  So, I thought it was just like this turkey to show off and find his female.  I enjoyed these photos so hope you do too.

 Boy, are they in for a surprise come Fall season!


  1. I've seen quite a lot of turkeys here-about, but I have yet to see on displaying his great fan of tail feathers. I think I should keep a camera handy. Graet photos.

  2. We never used to see wild turkeys in my area until about 10 years ago. We saw them in flocks, from a distance and never in full tail display. Then just the other day I was three up really close and I was amazed at how beautiful and shiney their feathers are. They really are a beautiful bird.