Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My Lap Dog

This is my second Boston Terrier.
The first one was Petie who passed after 16 yrs.
Now I have Katie another Boston Terrier who
will be 8 this year with us.  So to celebrate her
Birthday I tried to create a poem.

More than Just A Lap Dog

She keeps me still, she keeps me quiet as she sits upon my lap
She follows me where ever I go, even my bed when I take a nap.
I know how much she loves me, and it is easy to return it back

She listens to my every word.  I tried to listen to hers, a whimper,
a growl, a bark or a look, she makes me understand.

This love she gives me is comforting I know she understands
for my lap would grow much colder without her
Katie, my comforting pet.



  1. Happy Birthday, Katie, and many, many happy returns of the day. She's very photogenic -- obviously a most welcome lap-full.

  2. Our dogs sure bring joy into our lives!

  3. Happy Birthday Katie
    I have had dogs that I have that kind of connection with. Currently one of our dogs is a Boxer/Pit Bull mix and weighs 136 and is obese because my husband gives him too many treats. He is Boscoe and is currently on a diet with monthly weigh-ins at the doc. Boscoe is my husbands shadow and Lap Dog...he regularly jumps up on Terry's lap while Terry is in the recliner. Terry calls Boscoe his therapy dog. They are unconditionally devoted to each other. I love it.
    xx, Carol