Monday, January 18, 2016

Window Watch

                                                              A Picture Window


Very cold today. But I stay inside cuddled up in the chair with a blanket and my dog,  watching the birds outside trying  to keep warm by eating out of all the three feeders I have out there.  

This reminds me of another picture window. Many times Dave and I would go to Maryville from home and drive up 4 11. 

There was a house facing the road, a very neat, nice home . Every  time we went by I would look out at this house towards their large front window. I could see a hospital bed and somebody elderly laying in that bed, not looking out of the window, just quietly laying there.

l would tried to wave, hoping that this person would look my way but never did.  Every time we pass over the period of months maybe a year or two it was the same thing. I was just wishing that someday that man or woman would turn their head see me and waved back. That never happened!
Recently, we drove past that same house. I noticed there is no person laying in the bed looking out the front window just the back end of the couch or sofa appearing now.
That big picture window would overlook a porch which would have potted plants and out further, bushes where I am sure birds would be flitting about. Now the drapes are drawn, the shades are pulled down on that same picture window and on the front porch instead of potted flowers there are different kinds of sitting chairs and kids toys, so different.

A regret I have, that I never took the initiative to walk up to that house, ring the doorbell, and ask if I could come visit whoever that was laying in bed by the front picture window.  Years ago that would've been the thing to do but now people are so frightened of anybody who rang the doorbell or knocked on the door for fear it might be Intrepid and that did cross my mind.
I have heard people on TV or even people I know or meet that say they have their no regrets. I think it would be wonderful if you could leave this earth without any regrets . We all have them whether they be small ones or big ones and I know I probably have some of both. That person in the window, never know to each other, will never know a stranger cared.



  1. Thoughtful post. Since you thought about the person in the bed -- you weren't just a passerby, you waved -- it's a shame you did not go to the house, perhaps with a potted plant just to say, "I hope this will say I care." Perhaps there was someone else in the room who did see you, at least sometimes. Certainly someone else must have been somewhere around. I think even today it would be all right to stop in such a circumstance. Not everyone lives in fear (although the television is trying to make sure they do) -- and those who are fearful are not likely to be fearful of an "older" lady with a small plant. We've passed the age when we are alike to scare people. Apparently the house now has a family with children and that person in the window had a story you will never know. When we feel the desire to be kind, we should have the guts to actually be kind... and it does take guts sometimes. But mostly it doesn't, we have opportunities to be kind most days both to strangers and to those we live with or see all the time. Noticing a new hair cut, remarking on a polished car, passing on some good news.
    Perhaps this post was an act of kindness you didn't recognize because it may also make others think about the subject ... that's one of the kindnesses we do by writing our thoughts not just that the birds are flocking to the feeder. Way to go!

  2. Thank June for your comment. Believe it or not I can get intimated by certain things, needless to say why I picked the word "Brave" as my word of the year. Yes, i missed out that time.

  3. I loved your post it made me think. I for a long time would watch my neighbor who lived across the street and wonder if he had anyone who came to look after him. Sometimes I would see him leave and take walks and I would always speak to him. Then I started noticing he wasn't taking those walks anymore. A man was at his home and I began to notice this guy being there on a regular basis and I asked him was my neighbor ok and he said that he was just getting old and that he was there now to take care of him. He began telling me about the house that I live in and that he remembered as a small child playing with the kids that use to live in the house. It was nice to hear the many stories about the neighborhood and I was glad I took the time to speak to him. I now have two new friends and I get to share with them things I cook from time to time. Peace and Blessings Cheryl........Snatch Joy~~!

  4. Excellent Cheryl. We need to keep in touch with elders, they have so many fine memories and need friendships when sometimes they live alone.