Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October favorite month.

Our trip for four days in a cabin outside of Dahlonaga Georgia with favorite couple to share with was so much fun
Our dear husbands took us to about 6 winery/vineyards waiting patiently as my girlfriend and I tasted probably 30 plus wines but not all in one day/  I bought home 4 bottles while she did 10.

In the town which was just filling up with tourist I found this delightful store. I do like to try different herbs in vinegars and olive oils so this was perfect for me and bought six different kinds of oils and balsamic vinegars. 

 We then managed to have them drive us to Berts Farm to pick out some gourds or pumpkins.  Did you ever see blue pumpkins, or pink pumpkins?  The entire several  acreage had all sizes of them, big. huge, medium and small. Most fun for me was the little house we rented on a river with trails to walk .  We weren't there an hour and my husband went fishing and immediately caught this trout (and threw it back).  It was a fun trip that we take once a year, they from Florida and we from Tennessee.


  1. You vacationed in a lovely area. I just love that pic of you looking out over the mountains. Isn't it amazing to look out over the tops of the trees!! I miss friends that have passed and the time we spent together.
    xx, Carol

  2. Such a lovely place. I think I'd love that cabin and probably just walk trails and leave all the exploring to others ... well, maybe a little wine tasting.

  3. Wonderful vacation! I love sending time together with my friends. Creating beautiful memories. The place is lovely.