Monday, October 19, 2015


I guess I started to try my hand at quilting several years ago at the insistence of my quilting friends. I joined a swapping group that had many different ideas on making blocks and sending them to each other.  I also managed to do lap quilts for most of my 9 grandchildren and some for just hither and there.
I did not considered  myself a quilter as they were but it was creative and I loved creating.  However, I found that I was a proficient sewer and decided it was time to put away that creativeness and go for my true love of painting and several other paper type challenges like Artist Trading Cards, Fabric(yes) postcards, homemade envelopes which I still do.  Journaling has always been a way for me to express my feelings and I have been doing that on and off for years.  Now I am doing an Art Journal to express my love of color, design and the art supplies I have gathered.

Now this quilt I show here is my last to do.  I did the top of the quilt and my BFF took it home with her on a visit to Tennessee to see me, and put the backing together for me and also as a birthday gift had it quilted.  I really did like doing these blocks mainly because of my artist eye of color and to tell the truth rather easy to do.  The hard part my friend did for me.  The top and back are my design so I will take credit for that but the quilting of it is outstanding.  I never quilted the tops and she wanted me to see how nice they come out when you finish it with quilting it together.

In my "sewing" days I also made those fabric postcards, pin cushions,wall hangings and even a calendar of months for my grandson Matt.  I may even have those in this blog somewhere.  So here it is.  My final!

The back is black and white with dark mauve around it.


  1. Beautifully colorful. The black makes the color pop. I read your blog back when you were working with fabric. I started blogging because of the Bead Journal Project. Now, mine is eclectic posting whatever is on my mind. My focus of the moment is my own take on Crazy Quilt. You really should post more. I always enjoy a visit here.
    xx, Carol

  2. Thank you Carol. I will do one about my trip to Dahlonaga, Ga.
    Mine has been eclectic also as you can see.