Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fall my favorite time of the year!

Fall or Autumn doesn't matter what you call it.  It is the coolness of the breeze you feel as you step outside on your deck with the first cup of coffee, my  favorite morning routine but only happens this time of year.,

Only thing missing are those hummingbirds at feeders Drinking the sugar water, then flying back and forth from tree to feeders.  This year they stayed until the end of Sept. And it is now October and the left for warm places.  I'll leave up the feeders in case a few stragglers on their way to  the South need a fill up.  I'll see them again next summer.  Did you know the same hummers come back to those feeders.?  That's what I read!!

Well, back to Fall or Autumn.  I like Autumn, it sounds crisp and colorful to me.  Leaves are beginning to ting on their ends a golden which will turn other shades of gold and red and then brown 
Waiting for either a slight breeze or just their turn to fall to the ground. The ground becomes a carpet of brown and some color that fell along with them.  Now  as I walk the  ground under neath these trees I feel the  crunch and you get the fragrance of flowers they fell upon that have started to leave their blooms..  

Coffee getting cold, now I need a fillup. Back in the house, fill the cup, no need to stay inside to drink it as my favorite lounger awaits me on the deck.  Yes, settling down on the chaise, sip of coffee. a cookie  too. . I just love this morning autumn break from those past hot, summer mornings.  Umm! Coffee,  so good!  Perfect morn.



  1. My hummers left for the south...Fall is my very favorite season and the weather here is perfect. The dogs enjoy their fall walks.

    1. Thanks Deb. I so enjoy your blog too! You find so many heat thingd.


  2. we have he least bit of color so far -- it really happens here the end of October. The summer sun and heat has just turned to rain (much needed) and I don't need to go to the car wash either. I enjoy wearing a sweater or light jacket -- raincoats, not so much. Thee winter birds will appreciate the other feeders.

  3. I didn't know that the same hummers return! I had to take my feeders down last week. The bees were fighting them for the feeders! The hummers did visit my geraniums after the feeders came down, though. I can't say I much like the fall weather. It's a bit chilly for me, but I force myself to go out and do whatever needs to be done to prepare the house/yard for winter. But I LOVE Halloween....and I love coffee too!
    Have a great weekend. Nice to see your post.
    xx, Carol

  4. That's what I read in a birding article. How you tell same little guys beats me.
    Thanks for checking my blog out

  5. Nice post on Fall. It is also my favorite time of the year. Your coffee and cookie break on your deck is a perfect way to enjoy an autumn day.--- barbara

  6. It's a sad occasion the fall is transient exposing us to the cold and unpleasant winter! Br.....)) I hate commuting in the winter.