Thursday, May 7, 2015

Just Children!

On May 2nd  I attended a Woman's Christian conference Clinton, Tennessee called "Fresh Grounded Faith."
Everyone who entered the auditorium received a bag which contained information as to what the  agenda would consist of, information regarding the speakers etc.  As the auditorium started filling up I looked into this bag  noticing a plastic envelope and a photo of a child's face inside it.

I knew that this conference was interested in a program to help children and their families by supporting them financially and spiritually.  I had seen adds on TV of organizations asking for support for the same thing and always felt that monies received went more towards the administration then the children. This was different. Compassion International listed on the Internet.
 I knew of others who were already sponsoring some of these children in many different countries. I knew my son and his wife were sponsoring children also and had such good information about the organization and their children.  So I wanted to do the same.

It would cost me $38 a month so much less than I spend each month on miscellaneous "stuff" each month.  This could help a child. So I checked the folder for the name  of the little three year old and then noticed her birthday.  It was my daughters' birthday, my youngest and I felt a little tug on my heart..

To me it was ironic that out of all the hundreds of bags given out to the women at the conference, mine had this child and here is her picture. She was meant to be sponsored by me.

I  write this on my blog not to be praised, not for a pat on the back.  I just had something to say and hoped that some one reading my blog would be tempted to help a child by going to that website for Compassion International..

Happy Mother's Day too!



  1. I thought I had posted a comment but I guess I didn't, or it didn't get through the crazy google system. I know a number of people who sponsor children in other countries. It is a generous and very helpful thing to do. Some people write to the children and get very involved in their lives, perhaps that will be a new source of pleasure for you, too.

    1. Being so young, her mother writs. I have sent photos to her also. I hope some day she will be able to write to me.