Monday, March 30, 2015

In My Opinion

The Invisibles 2009 

The word invisible in Websters dictionary says: "incapable of being seen, hidden, not appearing".
That is why I am invisible and I will proceed to tell you why.

You change when you hit 70+.  Maybe your hair will turn gray or pure whte, you may walk a little slower afraid of falling and you look as if you lost something because you are always watching the ground for fear of that.

No one notices you anymore.  You don't go to parties as much as some of your friends are no longer around to have them due to the fact they have moved away from you or have passed.
Waiting at resturants foyer for a table to open up you look around for a bench or seat to sit on and no one younger or even a man sitting there get up to offer you a seat.
Most, not all, young people walk in and out of doors oblivious that you are behind them not holding that door for you. We are Invisible!

However, one place we are not invisible at all and that is at our Doctor's office.  We are all there, white, gray hairs sitting awaiting our turn.  Yes, the nurse knows we are not Invisible, she calls our name.

There are all types of us Invisibles.  Some are lucky to still be able to take care of themselves at home while some are in another type of home, a Nursing Home.  All sizes, all shapes, all colors, white hair, gray it doesn't matter we are Invisibles.
 Now they are called "Honey, Sweetie, Dear.  These names I only use to my love ones but now semi-strangers are calling them by that.  What ever happened to "May I call you -------" or "Ms.-------- from these young guardians of our health.  Our immediate families who will love us no matter what our age, value us.  We aren't Invisible to them, well hardly.  They may call upon us to vent but never to take advice.  That I a subject that would  make a whole different ranting on my part.

Here is what stirred my ranting this time.

 I was standing in front of Walmart Store waiting for my ride when I see a white van pull up.  Doors swing open, woman driver gets out.  Takes out walkers, wheel chairs gently brings out the people. They are not Invisible to her, its her job. Yes, all white heads, soon to be Invisible in Walmart.
I smiled as they slowly walked by me so being white haired they saw me and we exchanged smiles.  There must have been 10 of them and I noticed young people passing by them as if there was  a big sale to end in 5 minutes.  No one holds a door, none of them smiling just rushing past these Invisibles.
 Maybe I should start a club for us Invisibles, we could meet, eat and greet while we rant about the younger generation. Be assured you younger than us, you will be joining in our club one of these days.


  1. Well Diane, I think you are wrong. (I am 63). You are not invisible because you are 70+. People treat EVERYONE as if they are invisible. It's because somehow the younger generation has become oblivious to anyone but themselves. When my grandson's were young, we taught them to hold doors, give up their seat, and be kind and generous. Then the world got a hold of them. Friends that weren't taught etiquette thought these practices were not cool and somehow they were forgotten. There is nothing we can do about the changes to this world, Do you think this is the same way OUR parents felt?

    1. No, I think in my young years we were taught as you stated, respect! The elders in my day didn't have the opportunity to voice what they felt as we do now.

  2. Love the header picture of daffodils. I agree with Carol; mostly I do not feel invisible, people here are polite to a white haired old lady, they hold doors and are relatively polite. I don't do places where there are a lot of young people (and I absolutely will not shop in Wal-mart!). People who do nothing but look at their phones have been dehumanized by the gadets and by lazy (probably overworked) parents who don't take the time to teach manners to their kids. But even at Cape Cod Community College where many are young (and not from high income homes) I am treated politely. Maybe this is a special place (I think it is in many ways). Did you ever notice that with tiny kids the parents are awlays saying "what do you say?" meaning please and thank you. But they stop doing that after about the age of 3. I don't know what happens, fatigue, dispair, or laziness on the part of parents.

    1. It depends a lot I feel, on where you live June.what surrounds you
      Who you associate with an d of course whether you go to a Wal-Mart. 😃

  3. I have been treated invisible and visible -- about 75 percent visible. Maybe young folks do not know how to talk to older folks. Perhaps we need to stop and talk to them once in awhile to let them know we are both humans. It is a strange society right now but if we feel invisible we should stand up and create some conversation with the young or robots of our community. We might just walk away feeling good about life. -- barbara