Sunday, March 22, 2015

Finally and Hopefully

The above heading is first day of Spring on the Highway to Knoxville, Tennessee. .  The picture of the church and snow is the first day of Spring in New Jersey, my hometown.  It is even worse, I understand, farther North you go .  The landscaping places are all excited here getting their plants and fertilizers ready and the parking lots of places like Lowes and Home Depot show that the cabin fever has left (hopefully) and everyone is smiling and buying.

 However, I remember here in Tennessee on an Easter Sunday morning the snow was about 4 inches deep and a little daffodil was poking its head out as if to say "am I in the wrong place, or wrong season?"  Wish I took a photo of that.  Anything can happen the next month and rest of March so don't put away your woolies just yet even in the Middle South.

 For those of you who see this only in an email this is the above picture I was mentioning as the "above heading"


  1. We have snow like the church picture and no hope of the daffodils for a while yet. How I'd love to sit in that field with them all around me. First I look forward to the forsythia which is our earliest gold of spring, and it seems every lawn has at least one bush, sometimes who hedges of forsythia. How I'd love to put away the sweaters !

  2. We are experiencing some unseasonable temps here in Central Oregon. Most ffolks do not have AC as summer are usually mild. Your snow photo looks inviting to me as the temps will be 100 on Saturday in part of Oregon. -- barbara