Friday, February 13, 2015


This week having a case of Cabin Fever and we have not been snowed in like so many of my Northern friends have been, I decided to do one of my favorite activities, walking. Really, not exercise walking, just walking through stores. One of my favorite stores that is not a craft type store would be antique and thrift stores with either an Estate Sale or garage Sale and being the weather so cold, we ended up Antiquing. I find my best deals in Antique stores. I have my favorite one that are reasonable and has a variety yet not cluttered up so much that you get overwhelmed and that is the store I find my best deals in. It is a fairly new one, run by two ladies of years and they are fun to talk with and can always give me a "deal". Let me show you what I consider a deal. First, this is something I passed up at the beginning of the "hunt" because I thought it was a bunch of individual items in a bowl. Then on second time around I went up to it and found out it was entirely one piece. Someone made this time consuming art piece and I bought it. Yes, got it for less than they asked and I was almost embarrassed to ask but what the heck, why not. This will be sitting on my harvest table from Spring time to Autumn. This is what I found in my favorite store also. It is all hand stitch, and has handstitched applique on it. Yes, I did check to make sure no China labels on it or cut off it. I was told it was recently made so there are no stains on it, torn pieces that you get if you are interested in old, old quilts. Which I am not. Then, my best friend forever (Ramona) or BFF brought me a wonderful quilt she made special. This I sleep under at night or throw over me for a nap. More to follow I hope!


  1. Well, nuts. This Blogspot program makes me nuts. It erased my comment, made me sign in and now I hope it will accept my congratulations on those quilts. They are delightful and a great finds.
    The bowl/basket of fake edibles, I don't know -- maybe a better photo is needed.

  2. beauty is in the eye of the beholder dear friend!