Thursday, February 19, 2015

BRRR! February 2015

Although many of you have had very severe snow storms in the North, we have had ice. My title picture above is from my breakfast room. This tree is the hopping off place for my birds to get to the feeders just below. Then there is a photo where a Willow tries to stand tall but is covered in ice. Hope the ice will be insulating what has already started to bud. In the front yards the brave Bradford Trees stand majestically but still covered in ice. Birds, my favorite to watch. The same ones every morning and early evening. The remind me of a grocery store line. One is pesty shoving and pushing, one forgot something but wants not to get out of line and one that is content to just wait. Another view from my kitchen window as you look out. It reminds me of a skating rink up North or a frozen pond in a park. Ice is just covering the empty lot. Imagination is a great thing!


  1. Really lovely photos. I like the pear trees best and the birds. As a winter lover you should be eating this up, looking out the window with great contentment and a peaceful smile.

    It's 7 degrees this morning here, wind chilly way below zero, drifts in the year more than four feet high, piles made by plows often over 10 feet. Amazing. The sun sparkles on the snow making the light brighter than many summer days. I wear a sun hat while sitting at the computer in order to see the screen.

  2. Diane -- Your header is phenomenal. Such wonderful framing to get just the right feel to your winter weather! I have been following the cold hard winter in the east. I hope that you are staying safe and warm. --- barbara