Friday, November 7, 2014

Leaves of Autumn

A beautiful Fall day with a walk to my favorite place all seasons, in Maryville, Tennessee is the 18 Mile Greenway.  I don't do the 18 miles, in fact the most maybe a couple of miles.  But hopefully I will gain enough stamina to do more.   I usually take photos but this day I was just walking my dog instead and started to pick up a leaf or two that looked interesting enough to take home and do a watercolor of.

I can figure out what the name of some of the trees are for these leaves, but not all.  Do you know?

 Before flattening them overnight, they still had some color left in them, then  the next day the color was diminished. Not as pretty.  I am sure the leaves of Fall in Vermont are more colorful as they are in Pennsylvania and moving on down to us in Tennessee.  These are just on one walk through a GreenWay.

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