Monday, October 13, 2014


There is a woman I met on the internet that is such a wonderful artist and always gives out tutorials and ideas and an "at a girl" to artwork you do.  So, on Fridays she puts in her blog, ideas for you to try to sketch.  This past Friday were sketches of your dog.  So I sent to her the sketches I just did hap hazardly while sitting on my deck and catching my Boston Terrier Katie trying to get comfortable in the sun.  Sketching for me is the easy part, it is producing a painting that is hard for me. 

So here I present my sketch of Katie on the back deck of our home. Everyone should do a journal with sketches in it.  It gives you such pleasure to look back and remember that day I sketched my Katie Dog, its a journal.


  1. Google seems to have a new system so I have to print my comment twice if I'm not logged in when I first do it. What I said is that Katie looks relaxed and you have the pleasure of a sketch to keep forever and ever. But there are those of us who are drawing-challenged and we journal in words. Very different medium, but memories are preserved.

  2. But I do both June, words and sketches. Double the memories I guess.

  3. This is really cool. They are just little sketches. Not even trying for realism. Whimsical little sketches and very charming.

    1. Realism? Not I. I am not a schooled artist, just a want-to-be. Thank you for checking me out.

  4. Anyone can join us on Fridays just go to and paint with us!