Monday, October 27, 2014

Roads Less Traveled

Just a beautiful Fall day in Tennessee.  Time to take a ride and explore.  I have lived in this area about 9 yrs. this time, and 9 yrs.again  back in the 1990's.  We still find roads less traveled.

I have this love of old barns.  In a few years they may be but a stubble on the ground.  Let me share a few relatively close by, that I hadn't seen before.
.  Some are barns that are still used and others homes abandoned. Let me share!


  1. Nice old barns -- and one that looks like it's really a cabin, not a very big one. In another nine years, as you say, they may simply be stubble on the ground.

  2. How nice to have old building/barns in your area and great photos!

  3. My husband is a barn nut. We laugh at him when we drive by one that is on it's last slat, "Hey Papa, there's a barn for you!". But I admit, I would love to make one over and live in it!

  4. Diane -- The marker on the log home was one I was not familiar with. So the state of TN has a certification program in place to mark how long the land has been in use as agricultural land. I think this is great -- hopefully it was a family farm and not a corporate farm. I too love barns -- they tell us reams of info about our past. When they are gone who will tell their stories. -- thanks barbara