Friday, September 5, 2014

In Rememberance

Today, after hearing of Joan Rivers passing, some interesting thoughts I had.

I didn't know her, but as a comedian, when even then there were times I didn't car much for her humor.  Yet, it saddened me very much.  My thoughts were:  Is it because she looked like 30 yrs. old?  She was really 81. Would I have felt so sad if she looked like 80 yrs old?  Probably not as sad.  Yet, I am still thinking about how sad n her family and those who personally have known her, the real person under all that cosmetic surgery.  Is it because so near her age am I?
If Betty White died tomorrow at her age would that create an everyday sadness for me to get over, No!  Betty living  a full, funny, and a  non-surgical changing look.  Is that why?  Can I possibly live as long as Betty is living?

Then, Robin Williams.  Took me a week to get over that one.  I watched him grow from Mork and Mindy into a fine serious actor along with his comedy over the years. I didn't know him personally, why then did it affect me so?  A tragic passing?

Then Lauren Bacall.  Such a lady and her passing was without fan fare.  I thought about her too, in such a way.  I thought about her and Boggie, mostly their movies together as they were THE Movies in my generation. Didn't know her personally either and she didn't look 30 either.  But I still was so saddened by her passing.

Now who could forget James Gardner.  What a shock also!  All of these wonderful entertainers of my generation gone all within a few weeks, even days of each other.  These I have mentioned are but a few from my generation.  The ones who entertained, made me laugh, made me cry, kept me company when alone.  They are slowly leaving us these good ole actors and actresses. 

Glad to have them back once in awhile appearing on the TV screen in old movies or shows. Leaving a legacy behind they are!  WOW! Miss them!


  1. Those are very good questions, especially about relating to people by the age they appear to be. Joan Rivers looked younger at 80 than she did at 40 -- good surgery and makeup. I sat a few seats over from her at a concert once. Without the stage makeup, she looked good, but closer to her age. And she was very small. Never saw Lauren Becall "for real" but once a guy in a bar said I looked like her. Very flattered but it didn't work as a pick up line. It is only natural that our generation of actors are dying, as are our generation of friends and acquaintances. And it is important to ask ourselves the questions you ask -- does appearance make that much difference? Has the media done such a job on our perceptions? I just saw Woody Allen's latest movie with Eileen Atkins in it -- not cosmetic surgery for that fine actress and I thought Hurray! A real face, a woman who never was glamorous and is still wonderful to watch doing her job (acting). Good questions,

  2. FAME is not all its cracked up to be. Perfect example? Robin Williams. Hope he's still laughing.

  3. Robin Williams' passing hit me hard too. He had a way of making his audience feel like a part of it all. I, too, watched him from Mork and Mindy on. I even had the Mork suspenders! He is missed. I can't quite put my finger on why, but people seemed personally affected by his death, maybe because of the cause and how he had made us all so happy through the years. Such an unexpected, wrong way to lose him.