Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Boat

Okay, it is only a 16 ft. pontoon boat, brand new I must add and it is fun, relaxing and informative
I know now what waters, lakes, rivers are flowing in our state of Tennessee.  I also know which of them are not as clean as others.  See, informative.

This is our boat.  The Lady! Isn't
he sweet to name a BOAT after me?
We have had the Lady Di sitting right there for a couple of weeks waiting for the rain to cease. It finally did last week for one day, a Friday.  We packed our lunch, got our dog, trailered the boat and went to the nearest lake or part of the Tennessee River about a 20 minute drive from home. I feared it would be crowded with boats and fishermen being the beginning of the week-end but I was wrong and it was easy and nice and as I said before informative.  What I also found out was there are a lot of wealthy mountain people living on lakes around here and here is just one that simply amazed me as we puttered by.
Now, if anyone is checking my blog and owns this house please contact me I want to be your friend. :)
Yes, this is just one house.
I am now going to show you how much fun we had, all three of us!

So, if any of my blog friends feel the need for some fresh, cool air and lovely sunny day on our boat, please contact us. 
 I look forward to our third adventure on a different part of the Tennessee River.
Remember the add for Geico that goes "You put the boat in the water, you take it out of the water:you put it in the water and take it out of the water, it makes me nervous" but it does not make me nervous.                                                                                 


  1. Good post! One of the best. And the photos are great --love the doggie life vest.

    Also love the header flower picture.

  2. Thanks June, really was fun in that I just drove the boat, relaxed on soft cushions and sketched.

  3. Like your dog photo. Your boat will provide many delightful days for you and your husband (and dog) on the river. -- barbara

  4. As long as it is a sunny day! Thanks Barbara