Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Time On My Hands

So lucky to be retired and have time to do just about anything creative.
My friend in a Florida and I were taking a vacation together, with husbands, as seen in the previous blog from this.  She always manages to find some new, neat craft to try and this is it:

This craft is called Kimekomi, a Japanese craft.  Here is the book.

They are fabric covered smooth foam balls which can be embellished to your hearts content or just as pictured here.  These are three I have done so far.  They are easy and fun to do.  Keeps my mind and hands working.  Make for a conversation piece in your home or a give away to make someone smile.
Doesn't natter, I just find it fun to do!  Thanks Ramona.

Closer view

So, watch out friends and family I am on my sixth one now.  :)


  1. Beautiful. Don't you love learning new crafty things. I know what you mean about retirement. I have been looking forward to having time to extend my skills and knowledge and am making the best of it since I retired in September.

  2. They are very pretty and I can see the possibilities are endless. What a lot of crafts there are! People are endlessly inventive.

  3. I envy folks that have the skill and the patience to create objects like you make on your post. Very nice! -- barbara

  4. I found you through swap-bot which i am a newbie. but, just browsing found about me page. very impressive. then I had to say, I loved the fabric orbs. I had some fabric from a upholstery samples books. And this would be perfect to use this on a project. Like that stuff that someone gives you because you do crafts. And well, just happy I just stumbled on this great project. Thanks for Sharing

    Author of Overboard Creations