Sunday, February 16, 2014

Spring, Where Art Thou?

By now I am sure many many of us are awaiting spring time.  I think we have a few more weeks  but my birds, I truly believe they are MY birds, the same ones, yes the same ones, are constantly at my bird feeders.  I do have six bird feeders and that could be why.  How ever, if it were possible I would have my husband build me an aviary but that might be too cruel to keep them to myself.

So, a few years back I got into doing gourds.  Yes, gourds that are ground grown into different shapes and when I couldn't grow them big enough, I would order them via ebay or some crafty website.
I think I put these two photos of the eggplant and pear that I did on my blog awhile back.  They did resemble with my artist eye,  the shape of that veggie and fruit.

I am now getting ready for Spring.  I am springing for the birds.  I had my dear husband make my gourds into bird homes for those precious darlings that are probably costing me $25.00 a month to feed but they are loving stale bread too so basically I am helping those creatures and yet I am recycling stale bread. 

I thought only Robins show up to signal that Spring is coming.  I saw one on in our tree and the next day, yesterday, it snowed. So much for that thought.  Here are my gourd birdhouses which I personally think are adorable.

Will certainly let you know if these featherly beings regard my efforts and start a family.

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  1. Robins are more optimistic than we are. I've had robins on the lawn since mid-January. I don't know what they do during the storms like we had this weekend -- find a thick shrubby shelter in which to bide their time, I hope. I'm sure there's not much to eat, they don't seem to go to feeders (they like worms and bugs, and where are those right now?) But when this cover of snow disappears probably later in the week, they'll come back combing the grass for anything moving.