Friday, February 21, 2014

Old Barn Accessories

I really do prefer to be sitting in the passenger side of our car.  My husband calls it "Driving Miss Daisey", but this way I can see some interesting things as we travel.  I usually will call out "Look at that", which nerves him sometimes because he is driving after all with eyes on the road.

Some of my favorite things to spot here in Tennessee are the barns and when I see one that has the quilt block paintings on them I try to get the photo of it or we have to turn the car around and go back so we can pull off the road.  It does help to have a DH that will do that.  Here are just a few taken on back roads and main highways in my "neck of the woods".

  My favorite!
Some barns are well taken care of but even those that look a little sad always gets better looking when a painted quilt is hanging on it.                                                                                                


  1. I am a barn lover especially when they are wearing a quilt square. These are great photos of your area in TN. I miss the KY barns around where I used to live. A barn can be down on its heels or perfectly kept -- I love them all -- they represent our farming past in such a beautiful way. -- barbara

  2. Saw the slightly faded one I took yesterday and they enhanced it with hew paint job, made me smile.