Wednesday, January 22, 2014

May Seem Strange but.......

I belong to an internet group call "Find-A-Grave"  Why would anyone want to Find-A-Grave" literally.  It does sound a little unsettling to most.

However, this group are mainly a bunch of retired people that are helping other people who are doing ancestry of their family, find out just a little more.  Yes, I take photos of their gravestone because it has information on it that many people doing ancestry lookups don't have or they are wrong in the dates.  I have done many in the past 7 years. Most of the request are for those cemeteries located within a radius of maybe 15 miles the most. Most of the request are from out of state. I have requested my family from out of state that were found that I needed for my ancestry book.

Many are church gravesites but they are usually run by other than the church which makes it a little difficulty in finding sites I need.  So, this means walking around the cemetery and looking for particular names of people with some sort of date birth or death to compare with information received.  Then I take a photo of that gravesite and add it to the website in the proper cemetery and proper name of deceased that I have been asked to find.

These of course are deceased, not there anymore.  The sites can be anywhere from 1700 up to now.  A lot of the gravestones are covered in mold or not taken care of and hard to read.  I have respect for these monuments of people passed and occasionally have even excused myself if I inadvertently stepped to close.  Silly I know but we need respect for people who are here now and for many friends and family long gone.

I  write about this and hoping you won't think I am off my rocker but to me it is doing a service for someone.

I came across this, just partly in the ground near some larger monuments.
I could hardly read it, but I was sad to think about this persons family or loved one needed to let someone know she was buried there.  Can you make out the markings?  Here is what I get out of it.

I think it says "Dasie May Cobb - Mary ?(or Married but no room to write that) 2-5-1929 D1 April11
Crudely written by someone and simply laid on top of a grave.  I have always loved mysteries and this one I may check further into.  It was not one requested just literally stumbled over it.

I took a closer look again with my Sherlock enthusiasm to find out who this is and thought it may be ...  Dasie Mayco  Born March 25, 1929 and died April 11.  Probably a newborn.  I am going to call the people who take care of this graveyard next.  Why? You may wonder??? Well, I am just a very curious natured person.


  1. Interesting -- just lying on the grave, not fallen over? I wonder if the 1929 date is married, or died, or born ... yes, mystery. Put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and let us know when you find some answers.

  2. Well, I think this is a cool thing. I love graveyards anyway. I especially like reading the stones and wondering what each person's life was like back in the years they lived.
    Not a weird thing to do and definitely a service.