Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Why I like This Season!

As this season of Fall and Winter starts to present itself in glorious colors here in the mountains, the view changes.  I can now see through the trees that at summer and spring are bursting with green and screening my view of the mountains.

Yesterday, here in Tennessee it was a wonderfully warmer day.  I mean it was 60 degrees on my back deck.  I took advantage of it by sitting in my lounger chair, hat on to block the sun from my eyes when I noticed the mountains in the distance, through the now bare  trees.  We are surrounded by the Foothills of the Smokies.

Many months during Spring and Summer the trees,  I sit on my deck for morning coffee or evening wine and it is very nice but my view of the mountains blocked.  So, my favorite season is Fall and Winter. It is such a surprise sometimes as you are traveling these mountain roads to look to the right or left and see homes, barns, animals in fields that were obscure before but now are visible.  A nice surprise!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. The Smoky Mountains are so photogenic. In a way the bare trees make the picture even more interesting. What a good long, warmer than usual fall we've had here on the Eastern seaboard.-- although I guess your side of the Smokys isn't really "eastern seaboad", is it?