Thursday, November 28, 2013

My current project:

I do have a lot of time on my hands as you can plainly see
However, I wanted to make something special for my
Grandson to keep and remember me.

It took a lot of glue and my fingers almost stuck,
I just hope it gets to him, it may take just plain luck.
I'll wrap it good, tape it shut, its up to the post office
and that  can sometime suck.

There are soldiers in our family so its a tribute to them
Hopefully this grandson will not be in a war to defend.

Opps!  Just noticed two spaces I have to fill in. Didn't notice that until now.
Those service bars on it are Matthew (grandson) grandfathers.


  1. Very cool project. I often wonder what my grandsons will remember about me. This post brings to mind a memory of when our boys were about 5 and 7. One day I noticed army men all over the house on shelves, the TV, window sills etc. When I asked them why there were army men all over, they told me they were protecting us. A wonderful youthful perception. (My husband is a vet. His army portrait in uniform hangs proudly on our family portrait wall.) I think you grandson will love the wreath.

  2. Very interesting idea. I'll bet he really likes it and will probably remember it and keep it a long time.