Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sharing a Memory

I want to share this with you as it was quite a lovely surprise for me to receive on my 78th birthday.

Mail was delivered in a Priorty Package from a young man I have know for many, many years.
I couldn't imagine why he would suddenly send me something and on my birthday too.
When I opened the package a piece of wood, a small plank fell out first and then a smaller box.
I couldn't understand what this was for, then I read the card.

Inside the smaller box were these four pendants made out of wood.  Lovely, to say the least as  the smell of the wood brought back a memory of cedar to me.

The card stated that the pendants were cut from a cedar tree that was planted by my father in my home in 1973.  He stated that when the tree was cut down, after this young man bought our house to make renovations, a neighbor asked for the wood as he was a interested in wood making.  Of course, he got the tree (wood), and must have let it sit a lot of years to dry it out. After designing and making them, he  gave them to that young man who sent them to me. 

Forty years have passed since the planting of that tree.  I would think about my father planting it many times during those years. I have lived in several different homes since then, always wishing my Dad would plant a tree for me.  He passed away in 1979.

Getting these pendants brought back many memories of my Dad, the home, even of this young man growing up with my children.  It was such a joy to get this gift and on my birthday.


  1. What a kind and thoughtful thing for that young man to do. It's lovey to know that there are such kind people in the world. What a difference a small gesture like that can make!

  2. What a special gift and they're beautiful too! Happy belated birthday! I'm so glad you stopped by to visit me today. It's very nice to meet you and I'm happy to be a new follower of your beautiful blog!

  3. A lot of nice, friendly bloggers, thank you ladies for joining in my blog.

  4. What a lovely thing for this young man to do. And while he may not have known it was your birthday, the universe did and got it to you at the very right time. I loved hearing the memory of my dad. Happy Birthday!

  5. What a touching gift. The cedar charms are lovely.

  6. What a fantastic gift to receive on your birthday! I hope you wear them as they are beautiful. Also, your header is so nice. -- barbara

  7. I am having one more made for each of my five children as a remembrance.

  8. HAPPY Belated BIRTHDAY!!!
    That is so awesome and a wonderful keepsake!
    Thank you for the sweet comment and YES, feel free to copy anything thing that I post about! Sharing is part of blogging!