Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Movie Nut!

I have always loved The Movies! Still do the re-runs.

My fondness memories are Friday movies with my Mom.  I was 9 or younger.  The Elmora movie theater in Elzabeth, N.J. or the Ritz on Wednesdays.
Mom and I would go on Frdays because they gave out dishes. She had a set of 12 in a short period  of time.  Then we got the extra pieces.  These were gravy boats, sugar and creamer and a platter all In the same design.  They sat in a mohgany cabinet for years until she moved to Florida and were left with the house unknown by me or I would have had them.  I guess she knew they were not my style by then.

During the war (WW2), they had double features and a few minute intermission after a news reel showing our soldier in batte where the would "up the lights" and pass around a container for the RedCross  donations. I can still see that image!  We were all so patriotic then!

Ah memories!

Just recently a friend sent me this photo.  An anniversary for a movie studio with their actors gathered.  I would say these "stars" are all gone now but can be seen on TCM classic movies frequently.  You may remember them.  Click on photo to bring it closer. Movies then made memories, movies today not worth a memory mostly.  Most of you probably going "huh!" but we oldies remember, right?

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  1. City kids have very different memories than country kids. Perhaps we were deprived in the country, but perhaps other things fill the gap.