Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Sad Day on The Ponderosa!

It was a sad day here on Stardust Way. For two weeks we watched as a Morning Dove decided to use a potted plant on the deck to deliver a couple of babies.

So for 2 weeks we kept  our dog away from her.  We quietly entered and exited our deck so not to frighten her.  Carefully we were as we watched her and her  spouse build a nest, right on top of the plant.
I would carefully water the plant under the nest when she left and I watched as Mr. Dove took over the watch until she returned.  Doves pick a mate and stay with each other for years. They usually have babies twice a year.

So, why a sad  day you say?  Yesterday morn my plant, dirt and all was on the floor.  Nowhere we're there any bird eggs, just many feathers.  All over the deck, down the stairs into the yard.  GONE!
Later that day, after cleaning it all up and placing the plant back, I noticed Mr. dove.  Here he was sitting close by, cooing. Yes, that sad cooing sound.  Coo coo!  Broke my heart.

I needed to catch the culprit who did this dasterly deed.  It was either a cat, a roaming dog, a coyote, skunk, or possum.  We have seen them all.  The skunk is another story.  So this week we will put up an animal trap, this story continues.  If a skunk we find, it will be trouble, FOR DH.


  1. I hope it wasn't a skunk. Sounds like feral cat. But you can't be sure that whatever you catch is the culprit. You might catch an innocent raccoon just looking for a nice garbage can to turn over.

  2. Awww...that is sad :( There is a lone dove that hangs around here. I had to say, Sweet Pea is the reason... :(

  3. Diane -- It is sad to listen to a lone bird grieving from a nest attack. I experienced it here once. You watch the nest being built and the chicks hatching and the next thing you know -- disaster. I'm with June -- sounds like a feral cat. ~~ barbara