Sunday, July 28, 2013

It's a Gator Fan

I have a few Gator fans, University of Florida, in my family even though I am a Georgia Bulldog, and Seminole fan, I still just had to make a quilt for my youngest grandson Matthew.
I was grumbling while doing it, (only kidding), but I finally got it done.

 It has taken me a couple of months to "git ur done" but with the help of my friend Mona from Florida, we did it. 

Here is a photo of it, the front and the back is flannel with alligators on it.
  "Go Georgia"    Believe me when I say a lot of love went into this one.

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  1. Grandkids make us do all sorts of things we wouldn't do otherwise. They'll seem a little blase but they'll remember the warmth (or feeling) that comes with it.