Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I love The USA!

This is kind of an update to my blog that I showed photos of getting a shed/cottage, as I call it, in our backyard. My dear husband needed to  have a

facility to store all his garden equipment and get it out of the garage so we could park our car.

I knew he wouldn't want me to make the shed/cottage feminine so instead for Father's Day I bought him a painting to enhance the beauty of his shed/cottage.

I am always looking for sheds or barns that have these quilt paintings on.   I have quite a few of them in my photo collection. When I went on a website looking for one to put on this shed/ cottage I found a woman in Georgia who would paint  any quilt design you would like to have.  Being very patriotic and the fact that he was in the service I thought this painting was absolutely perfect.  I was right!
What do you think?

This is painted with three coats of house paint in colors shown
Painted both sides white base on wood.  Then a
preservative of three coats to protect it from the


  1. Very nice gift for your hubby's shed! It looks awesome!!!

  2. Very striking -- the stars on one of the top parts of the design are especially delightful--a totally appropriate but somewhat surprising part of her design. Sounds like it will hold up nicely against the weather and you'll both enjoy it for many years to come.

  3. Like the patriotic quilt square you picked out for your shed. I am like you -- I cannot resist taking photos of quilt squares. Somehow they are a reflection of the generations of women that have quilted.-- barbara