Friday, June 7, 2013

Little house on Our Prarie

I have posted this on Facebook for my facebook friends. Now I want my blogger buddies to see this little house we got delivered Yesterday. It is made by Amish people, which in itself has quality but I was amazed at the delivery part of it. Of course it was shipped via truck and trailer. I was amazed that only one person, the driver, arrived with it in tow. I took a couple of photos to share as it arrived. It was put on the trailer with the door facing the wrong way. No problem, he just turned it around on the trailer using a gizmo in his hand. Then he moved it on to our backyard (Prarie, I call it). He just used this "gizmo" to lift, straighten and slide it to exactly the spot we chose. A one man job. Unbelievable! So now dear husband has a cute cottage (I call it), he says "shed" for all his outside maintenance stuff. Seems a waste for that. Hum! Needs a curtain on that window.


  1. A sweet little house/shed. With a curtain, some electricity it looks like a nice little writer's retreat, just big enough for a desk, maybe an easy chair for sitting in while working on a laptop.

  2. Dh has already taken it over. Keeps him busy!

  3. Too cute to be his "shed"!
    YES, curtains!

  4. I could live in a "shed" that size -- to me small is beautiful -- barbara