Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Found Piece of Paper

These two sweet people are my mother an father-in-laws. Farrell and Thelma As I was going over some poetry that I was thinking about putting on my blog to share with you, I came across this half sheet of lined paper folded six ways. On the front was "about Daddy" written in a hand that was familiar to me. I opened it up and started to read it, by my mother-in-law Thelma. I was unaware that my mother-in-law wrote like this.

How long must my heart break?
How long must I cry?
How long must I call out "O' God, Why? Why?

The anguish, the agony no one knows, except a very few.
Only two whom I know have gone thru the same.
I turn to them in my thoughts when I feel I can no longer keep on.
Even though they know not, they help to me keep strong.

It I said that time will heal, but I have not found it so.
Day by day it seems more real, this I know!

Farrell passed away in 1989 and Thelma, now with him, since 2006 at 96.

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