Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lines In The Sky

You can certainly tell that summer is awakening our spirits. Not known as my favorite season, summer. There seem to be a lot of lines in the sky since Memorial Day. These lines caused by airplanes streaming across the skies heading for destinations. Destinations never before visited by some, families going to Disney, to visit friends, because of their jobs, even some going for serious family reasons. I am a "white knuckle" flyer. I do not fly if I do not have to type person,. I know, I probably miss out on lots of opportunities to see the world but then again I have the travel channel on TV. Smile, smile! I do live about 25 miles from Knoxville, Tennessee airport so I see streaking from the planes frequently. It sometimes looks like a criss-cross pattern which I hope those air traffic controllers are aware of. Then as the local weather improves and the sky is blue, almost cloudless with beautiful sun rays beaming down, the little planes are heard. I also live about 5 miles from a small airfield where bi-planes and small one man type are ready to soar into the sky. Heli-copters sometimes from the airfield. You might think I live in a noisey atmosphere but it isn't. In fact it is so quiet in our neighborhood I look forward to hearing a jumbo jet or bi-plane or helicopter in the distance. So, if you are ever leaving Knoxville or arriving here in a plane, look down over the mountains I will wave.


  1. This is a very mellow post -- maybe you're starting to like summer a little more these days.

  2. I fly because it is QUICK! I think the more you fly the easier it is and the "white knuckles" get better!
    Thanks for the visit!