Friday, May 3, 2013

Camping in a State Park

Always loved State Parks as the are reasonable, or at least they were years past.  The parks are lovely, can be serene and spaces are usually big enough.  However, ticks!  Just got back from it and I had a tick on me, my Dh did too as well as my dog.  It happens and be aware of it.

This past week or so we camped at Harrison State Park in Tennessee.  Beautiful lake, nice spots to park, this time of year hardly anyone there, birds around to watch and the squirrels.  I know that may be they are rodents but so cute with fluffy tails.  However, they are very brave, coming right up to you for scraps if you let them.  Can be a nuisance too.

It was amazing that we were parked where we could see a Marina through the trees.  Amazing because of the larger boats, houseboats, sailing ships moored there.  Thinking of the austerity of the owners in this slow economy and price of gas.  WOW!  We are not talking about pontoons or fishing boats, I mean yatchts, of course they were not moving, they were tied up.



  1. only the happily retired can manage vacations early in the season when you feel like most of the park is your private estate and you can park anywhere. Of course, as you point out, it belongs to the birds and squirrels and probably deer and skunks and foxes and others too shy to let you see them.

  2. Both our dogs would like to make contact with a squirrel. Our little dog has no idea a squirrel would fight for its life; he thinks they're just unattainable "toys" and he's frustrated. The squirrels around our house lead him a merry, barking chase. The big dog wants to catch everything as it might be edible, just might taste good! He'll go a mile for a snack!

    Sounds like you had a great change of scene! Refreshing!

  3. We recently stayed at a TN State Park. Our first time visiting the state. It was awesome! We fell in love with TN. It is a beautiful state.