Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Must Be Spring Now

Got a little Spring story to tell. I was apprehensive about when Spring would arrive here in Tennessee
since our Walnut tree has not bloomed or budded out as yet. This was always a sign that Winter was not really over yet and no one would be planting just yet for fear of a freeze.

Okay, I can grasp that even though it seemed all the trees other than the Walnut are flowering or greening up.

Now, the story to tell is one of Spring besides the flowers or the greenness of the  trees.  It's the birds. I have a lot of birds and my husband can attest to that when he gets into his truck and sees these white spots that do not mean he needs glasses, if you know what I mean.

Sitting on my lower level deck I noticed two swallows perched on branches by our steps near my new
birdhouse, resembling a covered wagon I just put up. These two, husband and wife, kept peeking in the birdhouse, finally going inside and Lord only knows what they were up too.  Over the weekend they started to protect that home of theirs they were making from other birds, like the house wren.

This tiny house wren apparently wanted to rent out space in the covered wagon but the swallows did not go along with that idea and kept on guarding their home to the extent of pecking like crazy at the poor little wren.  So,we put up another birdhouse that was a little distance from the "wagon" for the wren.

The wren proceeded to check that one out too. Then Mrs. Swallow took look at this modern home across the way and flew to check it out.  Mr.Swallow, who was sitting on the doorstep of the "wagon" was a little cross with her and immediately flew to that which Mrs. Swallow was checking out.  In the meantime Mr. and Mrs. Wren saw was happening and a fight proceeded.  It all ended quietly with me watching all this as the Swallows finally flew to their home and all is quiet now.

I thought there might be some parallel to this story or some meaningful virtue or something in it, but I just gave up that idea and went for it to just be a story, maybe for a grandchild of mine, but adding a little more interest for them.
Hope this didn't bore you but it is one of those things that you really had to be there to see it.

I have one more observance.  A robin has decided to make a nest in a corn sheller that we have hanging under our deck. Now, we sit under there in a swing while she (Mrs. R) waits with branches in her beak for us to leave.  Believe me, we do leave. For awhile at least.

                         Mr. & Mrs. Swallow at home.

Mrs.Robin builds her dream house.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about watching the bird...I call it Birdie Soap Opera.. We stop and watch for long periods of time when we should be doing something else. For us its the Blue Birds and Evil English Sparrows who actually try to drag the blues out of there home and will actually go in and throw the eggs out. The older we get, the more we appreciate nature.

    Love your WW birdhouse too!

  2. Interesting bunch of visitors you have there. They appreciate you -- without a thank you, of course, but then you didn't expect it. And they entertain you with their little neighborly spats and adjustments.