Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Its Spring???

I did notice this wonderful flowering out tree in my traveling to the post office yesterday.
Then the next day we had snow. The snow did not last long but came down like is was going to.

I do not understand Mother Nature, she must be very angry with us or just trying to frustrate
us because of all the other ways we destroy our earth.

Even in Florida, the Sunshine State is not very sunshinny lately. .  My friends there have been
complaining about freezing weather, rain in buckets, low temperatures. Storms all over the United States.

Global WARMING give me a break!


  1. I'm equally frustrated by the weather recently and have yet to see a flowering tree up here a good bit further north. It's a lovely tree! I'm afraid Mother Nature has very good reason to be spiteful and nasty to us, we've ignored her and treated her very, very badly and it's really not getting any better. But summer WILL come, probably with other problems.

  2. I chuckled at your last sentence, out loud! And love the picture of the tree---how beautiful is that! We have had our cold nights in Florida lately. In the 40's when we wake up---one dog hates that and the other one loves it. I wear a jacket and flip flops!