Thursday, February 14, 2013

Red Top Farm - Sevierville, Tennesee

When the sun is out on a cold  day I like to ride around our area just to see what is going on.

I knew that Dolly Parton's family had a farm nearby and thought maybe those of you who just love Dolly would like to see it. 

Dolly has several places she hangs her hat.  One is an enclave in Pigeon Forge with the old homestead, redone inside of course, a small church and places for her security to live.  Tall wooden fences surrounding it.

The other is an apartment inside of Dollywood above a small eatery there.  But, I think maybe what she liked the most was to spend time at the Red Top Farm with her Mother and Father and Sisters and Brothers and the entire Clan.

Both her parents are gone now but I bet the home is used for getogether time when she is in town.
Dolly is from Sevierville and well loved by many Tennessean's as she has done a lot for this area and the locals.  Yet, sometimes it can be over the top.

So........The Parton Farm - Red Top.


  1. Thanks for the peek into Dolly's homes. I've been to your area once, but only for two days (for a car show). I'd love to come back and enjoy the mountain loveliness.

  2. Cool post. I have spent some time vacationing in TN and love that area. I absolutely LOVE Dolly Parton. She makes me happy just to look at her. She's always smiling.

    Happy Valentine's Day.

  3. That is a red-top house! And it looks very welcoming and not at all "celebrity" or stand-offish. The clear blue, winter sky is lovely.

    Also your header picture, which I'm guessing is the Smoky Mountains is very beautiful.

  4. Moving my family to Sevierville in 16 days. I was there a couple of weeks ago to find a house for us and drove by the Red Top Farm a few times on the way to the house I found for us. I couldn't believe it, it is just as my wife's dream house that she has been describing for many years. She has not seen it yet but she will. So I looked it up. What do you know! It's a Dolly Parton house. She sure has good taste. We love Dolly's music. Can't wait to show the house to my wife.